InfoStreet Announces Small Business CRM

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<strong>Tarzana, Calif. &mdash; March 18</strong><br />InfoStreet Inc., creator of the fully managed, Web-based IT and productivity software suite, StreetSmart, announced Version 2 of its popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. StreetSmart&rsquo;s CRM is aimed at small businesses, particularly those that do not wish to spend the $65 and up (per-user) price of other Web-based CRM offerings. <br /><br />StreetSmart&rsquo;s CRM offers small businesses across all industries the tools that management and sales professionals need to track leads, customers and grow business, at a cost of approximately $10 per user. <br />This major rollout reflects a larger move by InfoStreet to aggressively grow the company by further supporting their niche small business clientele while also expanding into new channels, including the growing OEM side of InfoStreet. <br /><br />&ldquo;This optional add-on to StreetSmart was created in direct response to feedback we received from our clients who wanted CRM but didn&rsquo;t require the pricey and overly complex feature sets found with competing tools,&rdquo; explained Phil Conrad, director of national accounts at InfoStreet. &ldquo;Our CRM is extremely robust, extremely affordable and, furthermore, it is designed to allow collaboration throughout the entire organization, not just amongst the sales group.&rdquo; <br /><br />Key features of StreetSmart&rsquo;s small business CRM: <br /><br /><ul><li><strong>Anytime/anywhere access &ndash;</strong> Easily accessible from any Web browser; ideal for connecting multiple offices, remote workers, road warriors, etc.</li><li><strong>Highly customizable &ndash;</strong> Collect and store whatever information you like about your prospects, clients and other customers. Because StreetSmart is customizable it matches the specific needs of your company.</li><li><strong>Centralized archive &ndash;</strong> Have a central location from which to archive and review all activity related to a customer.</li><li><strong>Sales-team responsibility &ndash;</strong> Assign a specific employee responsibility for handling a particular customer. And, as the need arises, the record can be moved from person to person, or from department to department with ease. </li><li><strong>Shareable information &ndash;</strong> Share information with co-workers about specific customers. As activity occurs and a customer&#39;s record is updated, e-mail-based notifications can be set up to go to appropriate people within your organization. </li><li><strong>Control access &ndash;</strong> You decide which employee has access to which information. </li><li><strong>Manage the relationship &ndash;</strong> Actions such as Call for Follow-up, Send Literature, Send Quote or Arrange Meeting will help you manage next steps in the relationship. You can even create your own actions and receive reminders as next steps are due. </li><li><strong>Record vital information &ndash;</strong> Ensure that important conversations or other elements of the relationship are captured and available for later access. </li><li><strong>Unified system &ndash;</strong> Since CRM is integrated with other StreetSmart applications such as Calendar, Tasks, Files and Email, you have a totally unified system where all information is amalgamated into a single source.</li><li><strong>Historical accuracy &ndash;</strong> Not only is information centralized and archived, but a complete historical account of record activity makes account transition between reps or departments seamless. </li><li><strong>Opportunity knocks &ndash;</strong> Create and track business opportunities to document what the customer is specifically interested in purchasing as well as generating projected sales numbers for your organization. You can even create quotes that can be emailed or mailed to your customers. </li><li><strong>Import your data &ndash; </strong>Easily import your current customer data.</li></ul>

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