Zencos Leverages eTelemetry’s Analysis Appliance

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<strong>Annapolis, Md. &mdash; Oct. 9<br /></strong>Zencos Consulting LLC and eTelemetry Inc. have announced their partnership designed to prepare businesses for enterprisewide business intelligence (BI) implementations by leveraging real-time social network analysis (SNA). <br /><br />The companies are using the real-time SNA capabilities of eTelemetry&#39;s MetronEBA (Enterprise Behavior Analysis) network appliance combined with Zencos&#39; expertise in deploying SAS9 enterprise platform to assist large organizations with enterprisewide BI implementations.<br /><br />By analyzing the internal social network before deploying BI, business leaders gain the ability to understand the organizational silos, leaders and informal collaborative groups within an organization. <br /><br />This greatly improves the development and implementation of change management strategies to achieve the highest degree of organizational acceptance.<br /><br />”eTelemetry&#39;s innovative network appliance identifies social networks within an organization,” said Joe Costanzo, Zencos CTO. “By identifying each person&#39;s business activity and bandwidth usage in real time, MetronEBA provides us with invaluable data and contextual information for today&#39;s business managers.”<br /><br />MetronEBA&#39;s ongoing social network analysis provides a top-down view of how an organization operates &mdash; the informal organization. <br /><br />This knowledge enables organizations to understand how innovation occurs and who the thought leaders are within the informal collaborative groups.<br /><br />”eTelemetry is excited to have Zencos on board as an early adoption partner, and they are leading the way by bringing plug-n-play social network analysis to their clients,” said Alan Schunemann, eTelemetry CTO.<br /><br />eTelemetry&#39;s MetronEBA is a network appliance that also enables organizations to dynamically identify the bandwidth usage and Internet activity of a person and department, regardless of changing IP addresses.

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