Z University.org Establishes Internship Center

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<p><b>Newton, Pa. &mdash; Jan. 30</b> <br />Z University.org (ZU) has established an online internship knowledge center that features the contents of its newest version of Intern Toolkit and its program management methodology, &quot;The Blueprint of Internship Success.&quot; <br /><br />The center enables users to download and adapt all of Intern Toolkit&#39;s contents to make their own. <br /><br />It also features ZU&#39;s Blueprint for Internship Success, which features nine building blocks with 36 elements to give employers every advantage to achieve program excellence. <br /><br />Toolkit purchasers also can use ZU&#39;s expanding collection of internship-related resources, including supplementary white papers and case studies. <br /><br />Intern Toolkit is the only complete resource for employers to turn internships into a strategic advantage that increases productivity, improves recruitmen, and enriches workforce development. <br /><br />It contains more than 60 components that provide step-by-step guidance to apply a wealth of practical insights, adaptable templates to structure internship programs and best practices to effectively recruit, train and manage student interns. <br /><br />Developed by Z University &mdash; a workforce readiness company dedicated to improving the quality of internship programs &mdash; the product also features a unique training curriculum to develop students&#39; core business skills. <br /><br />&quot;We&#39;ve found that most employers simply lack the resources to create quality internship programs and the guidance to realize their full potential,&quot; said Matthew Zinman, president and founder of Z University.org and The Internship Institute. &quot;There&#39;s a huge, untapped opportunity to convert intern talent into business gains and enable students to gain essential experience.&quot; <br /><br />Intern Toolkit is made up of seven modules: <br /><ul><li>Program planning </li><li>Recruitment </li><li>Screening and hiring </li><li>Orientation </li><li>Work management </li><li>Performance measurement </li><li>Skill-development training. </li></ul>The contents are produced as a spiral-bound guidebook that&#39;s highly durable for frequent use and well-organized for easy reference. <br /><br />The product is designed for organizations of any size or industry, as well as for those with and without existing internship programs. <br /><br />Key benefits include a proven internship methodology to structure and manage programs effectively, productivity systems and tools to fully use students&#39; capabilities, adaptable templates and student training curriculum, self-guides for interns to complete work with minimal supervision and access to ZU&#39;s ever-expanding internship knowledge center.</p>

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