Yoh Launches Exclusive Rewards Program

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<p><strong>Philadelphia &mdash; Dec. 20</strong><br />Yoh, a provider of talent and outsourcing services to the technology, health care, scientific and engineering communities, has launched an exclusive rewards program for consultants called the Yoh Advantage, which offers discounts and rebates on vehicles, office supplies, training programs, cell phones, computers and other technology-related products. Consultants will also receive University Alliance discounts of up to 10 percent on all individual certificate and master certificate programs from numerous universities, including Villanova, Notre Dame, Thunderbird and Tulane.<br /><br />Now consultants have the opportunity to alleviate some of their expenses by utilizing preferred services and pricing on car rentals, computers and gadgets from some of today&#39;s biggest brands, and corporate pricing on everyday purchases like school supplies and monthly cell phone bills. Discounts, which range from 5 percent to 20 percent, are currently available from Apple, Chrysler, Dell, Ford, GM, Hertz Rental Car, Office Depot and Verizon.<br /><br />”The Yoh Advantage is another way for us to say thank you to our consultants for their hard work, support and loyalty,” said Jim Lanzalotto, vice president of strategy and marketing for Yoh. “We recognize the value of consulting talent and reward them through competitive compensation plans and our program, the Yoh Advantage. As the talent pool continues to drain, the battle for top-notch talent has never been stronger. This rewards program is another way to attract top prospective candidates and retain current talent. Plus, with the holiday season now upon us, it is the perfect time to roll out this program and alert consultants about the added benefits of partnering with Yoh.”<br /><br />In conjunction with the Yoh Advantage, the company currently offers their consulting talent full health care benefits for purchase at group pricing. In 2008, Yoh will offer consultants even more health care options, including a new economical high-deductible plan and an extension of benefits to domestic partners.<br /><br />For complete details on the Yoh Advantage, visit yoh.com/yoh_job_seekers/benefits/index.htm. </p>

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