Year-Old Pop Culture Site to Receive Top Technology Honor

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<strong>New York</strong><br />Conceived by Richie Frieman of Baltimore, (PEV) is an arts and entertainment Internet magazine that features different artists of various media including musicians, painters and visionaries from all over the world. What&rsquo;s unique about PEV is that it focuses on a new artist, visionary or band every 48 hours, featuring them prominently on the home page with photos and an in-depth, 20-question interview. <br /><br />On June 2, PEV will be awarded the prestigious Laureate medal by IDG&rsquo;s Computerworld Honors Program in recognition for its innovative use of the BlackBerry in the Media, Arts and Entertainment category. PEV will be among the country&rsquo;s top IT companies to be commemorated at the 20th Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony & Gala Awards Evening at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington. <br /><br />After graduating from the University of Maryland with a graphic arts degree, Frieman came up with an idea to create a Web site that featured artists, musicians and inspiring visionaries. Following the concept of magazine covers, Frieman thought of dedicating the site&rsquo;s entire home page exclusively to one artist (or group of artists), but instead of weekly or monthly features, changing the feature every 48 hours. <br /><br />Frieman explained, &ldquo;By swapping artists every two days, it gives our viewers a reason to visit the site more frequently. Plus more viewers are added with each featured artist who directs fans and friends to the site when they&rsquo;re posted.&rdquo; <br /><br />Since its official launch on April 1, 2007, has featured more than 200 artists, musicians, painters, writers, actors and entrepreneurs from five continents and more than two dozen countries.<br /><br />PEV was chosen for this award out of hundreds of submissions in its category by a committee of 100 chairmen/CEOs from leading global IT companies, including Microsoft, Research in Motion, Oracle, Yahoo, Intel, Hitachi, Dell, America Online, AT&T and Panasonic, to name a few.<br /><br />Independent of the Laureate recognition, the Computerworld Honors Program also presents its 21st Century Achievement Awards, each designed to honor the extraordinary achievements of selected individuals whose positive contributions to the IT revolution have left an indelible mark on the world. <br />

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