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<p><strong>San Jose, Calif. &mdash; Sept. 27</strong><br />Xactly Corp., a provider of on-demand sales performance management, has announced a strategic relationship with Barry Rhein and Associates, sales effectiveness consultants. </p><p>Through the partnership, Barry Rhein and Associates will offer sales training and sales effectiveness consulting to Xactly customers as part of Xactly&#39;s extensive sales performance management ecosystem. <br /><br />”There&#39;s an enormous synergy between sales skill- and mind-set development as practiced so successfully by Barry Rhein and sales performance management as delivered by Xactly,” said Steve DeMarco, Xactly vice president business development. “Barry provides the catalyst that enables sales methodologies to be effective, while Xactly provides the on-demand infrastructure that enables companies to incent strategically and maximize sales performance. <br /><br />”Together, it&#39;s a powerful one-two punch that we&#39;re excited to put at the disposal of our customers to help drive their success.”<br /><br />Known most recently for his worldwide work with salesforce.com, Rhein works with a company&#39;s sales team to improve its effectiveness and productivity. <br /><br />Through his seminars and workshops, he concentrates on changing sales beliefs and behaviors in a positive way to mold top sales producers and deliver measurable results. He is known for his ability to get sales results in days, not years. <br /><br />Similarly, Xactly&#39;s on-demand solutions use a combination of real-time visibility, automation and analytics to help companies more closely align sales behaviors with corporate objectives. Both Rhein&#39;s programs and Xactly&#39;s solutions are agnostic to a company&#39;s chosen sales methodology.<br /><br />”Xactly has successfully married the on-demand delivery model with a robust set of solutions for driving sales performance, and we&#39;re pleased to be partnering with them to extend the value of those solutions through sales attitude and skills development,” Rhein said. “Successful salespeople crave actionable data, real-time visibility into where they stand with regard to plan, and fact-based intelligence as to where to put their best efforts. Xactly provides just that.”</p>

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