Xactly Announces Rewards for Force.com

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<strong>San Jose, Calif.&mdash; Dec. 11 </strong><br />Xactly Corporation, (http://www.xactlycorp.com), the market leader in on-demand sales performance management, announced that its Xactly Rewards(TM) application, a comprehensive noncash rewards offering that is fully integrated with its flagship Xactly Incent(TM) application, will be built natively on Salesforce.com&#39;s Force.com platform and delivered in Q1 2008.<br /><br />”Xactly is showcasing how developing and delivering new applications on the Force.com platform can rapidly accelerate time to market,” said Clarence So, CMO, Salesforce.com. “As a leading partner on the AppExchange, Xactly continues to deliver new functionality and deeper integration with the Force.com platform to help customers increase sales performance through exploiting the powerful synergy between CRM information and sales compensation data.”<br /><br />Xactly provides a number of complementary applications to Xactly Incent &mdash; such as Xactly Rewards &mdash; that can be added in a modular approach to enhance a company&#39;s investment in, and benefit from, its sales performance management program. Xactly automates all aspects of sales performance management, including incentive compensation management, quota and territory management, modeling and analytics. With a sales performance management strategy in place, companies can realize a significant impact on sales productivity, motivating their sales reps to sell more of the most profitable products and increasing revenues and profits.<br /><br />Market-leading companies are increasingly implementing noncash reward initiatives to augment their cash-based compensation programs. The goal is to motivate and drive performance and achievement for a broad spectrum of employees in different departments ranging from sales (inside sales, lead qualification teams, renewal and upsell account teams, direct sales reps and channel sales reps), marketing, engineering, service, support and call centers. <br /><br />Using Xactly Rewards, companies have the ability to assign specific Xactly Rewards points for sales programs, special performance incentive funds (SPIF) contests and other initiatives. For example, companies can assign Xactly Reward points to sales reps who convert sales leads to opportunities or opportunities to deals within Salesforce CRM. Xactly Reward points can also correlate to up-sell and cross-sell campaigns, product add-on campaigns or limited-time promotions. Marketing can use Xactly Rewards to motivate lead qualification reps to register prospects to key events and call center agents can use Xactly Rewards to drive call center productivity.<br /><br />Using Xactly Incent with Xactly Rewards, sales reps can view their compensation statements at any time, anywhere, and in real-time to see how many Xactly Rewards points they have accrued. The sales reps can then redeem their accrued points online and immediately access and choose from millions of products from the world&#39;s top brands; travel and leisure incentives; events and sports; and adventure packages-all via the web. <br /><br />”We&#39;re pleased to leverage the power and flexibility of the Force.com platform to deliver the first and most comprehensive rewards application that offers the greatest selection of tangible rewards on Force.com,” said Karen Steele, Xactly vice president of marketing. “Cash and noncash rewards are a powerful combination for motivating sales reps and other employees to sell more and to align their behavior and performance to corporate objectives. Utilizing strategic sales compensation, combined with cash and noncash reward programs, is no longer the exclusive domain of the sales organization.”<br />

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