World’s Eighth-Largest Airport Improves Efficiency

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Waltham, Mass. — Sept. 30
The operator of the world’s eighth-largest airport and Germany’s largest employer, Fraport AG, has implemented Novell identity and security management solutions to achieve a single point of control for thousands of identities and secure IT resources at Frankfurt Airport.

Using Novell, Fraport now boasts a single, integrated solution for authentication, authorization, identity consolidation and rapid, role-based provisioning for 10,000 employees and partners. As a result, Fraport is able to continue its ambitious growth plan for the airport, remain compliant and save almost a half million dollars annually in third party IT services.

Fraport is engaged in a long-term project to transform Frankfurt Airport into not only a major transportation hub, but also as a center for business and retail. In addition to its thousands of employees, Fraport must also work with numerous external partners, which will only increase as expansion continues.

Novell’s user provisioning solution, Novell Identity Manager, provides Fraport with a scalable framework for identity and security management, including access control and validation across a complex organizational structure, ensuring compliance with government regulations and internal policies.

“As we begin construction on a major third terminal to Frankfurt Airport, we will be increasing staffing levels tremendously,” said Dr. Roland Krieg, chief information officer at Fraport AG.

“Novell Identity Manager is able to meet our identity and security needs today as well as the future increase of users, both as employees and contractors. Novell provides the automatic provisioning and deprovisioning across different systems and applications that we require in such a dynamic, changing environment.”

In addition to optimizing user management tasks and automatically synchronizing changes across all systems, Novell Identity Manager provides clear, fully auditable approval workflows that will ensure Fraport’s corporate policies are implemented reliably. Novell Identity Manager also allows Fraport IT staff to assign access rights at the touch of a button and enables users to reset their own passwords, saving third-party help-desk fees.

As Fraport increases the number of applications and functional areas integrated into the identity management solution and as regulatory requirements change, the company will introduce role-based provisioning, with approval workflows secured using smartcards.

“Fraport is experiencing the same type of growth that many of our customers are facing,” said Jim Ebzery, senior vice president and general manager of Identity and security management at Novell.

“As organizations look to add users in the future, a scalable identity and security management framework is crucial to secure resources and remain compliant. Novell Identity Manager is able to provide an automatic and auditable single identity vault for companies with changing business environments and requirements.”

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