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<strong>Marlborough, Mass. &mdash; Feb. 11</strong><br />Workscape, a provider of outsourced benefits, compensation and performance management solutions, announced the general availability of the latest versions of its enterprise compensation planner and performance manager talent management solutions. <br /> <br />Workscape&rsquo;s latest versions have the ability to process the dynamic day-to-day data changes in information shared between Workscape talent management solutions and other HR systems. Known as Workscape SmartSync, it addresses the complex challenges faced by enterprises that require regular updates from HRIS, ERP or other systems of record to reporting structures and employee data during compensation focal periods and performance review cycles. Workscape SmartSync surpasses existing systems in the market that lack the sophistication to properly update and adjust activities that are either complete or in-process. <br /><br />By using Workscape SmartSync, companies are assured that data will synchronize with other IT investments based on the corresponding business rules. In addition, both the Workscape compensation planner and performance manager also are fully compliant with Internet Explorer 7, as well as FireFox 2.0, and feature a robust new context-sensitive help interface. This new help functionality, coupled with an expanded help library, provides users with targeted how-to guidance based on what the user is doing in the system. <br /> <br />Greater configurability has been added to both solutions, such as the ability for matrix managers to have definable reporting visibility to dotted-line employees in the compensation planner, and improved controls on required entries per employee or manager during performance evaluations.<br /> <br />Considered to be the market&rsquo;s leading on-demand enterprise compensation planning application, Workscape&rsquo;s award-winning, multilingual solution helps companies streamline compensation cycles, ensure consistency and fairness and empower managers to pay-for-performance while adhering to corporate guidelines and budgets. Workscape&rsquo;s performance management solution automates the performance management process and fully aligns goals, competencies, results and compensation throughout the organization. Both products are delivered via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, can be deployed individually or fully leverage Workscape&rsquo;s integrated Web-based platform. Express versions are available for mid-sized companies. <br /> <br />Workscape&rsquo;s CEO, Tim Clifford, commented, &ldquo;The market&rsquo;s reception to our compensation and performance management applications has been outstanding. These enhancements were made in direct response to what our customer advisory board told us is needed in order to achieve the desired goal of driving higher performing workforces.&rdquo; <br /> <br />He added, &ldquo;Our agile development methodologies, single integrated technology platform and deep expertise in compensation and performance enable us to react quickly to customer requirements, and our SaaS delivery model means all Workscape clients benefit from the updates.&rdquo;<br />

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