Working with Other Canvas Types

Questions derived from the 1Z0-141 – Oracle Forms: Build Internet Applications Oracle Self-Test Software Practice Test.

Objective: Working with Other Canvas Types
SubObjective: Create a toolbar

Item Number: 1Z0-
Single Answer, Multiple Choice

You are creating a Forms application to be used by sales clerks to process new orders and check the status of existing orders. You have created multiple content canvases and associated them with a single window. You would like to provide application users with a row of buttons on the left edge of the window so that they can quickly access specific functions such as printing.

Which canvas type should you use?

  1. Tab
  2. Stacked
  3. Horizontal toolbar
  4. Vertical toolbar

D. Vertical toolbar

You should use a vertical toolbar canvas. Toolbar canvases can contain buttons and other GUI elements and allow you to provide a common interface for all canvases displayed within a window. You can associate the toolbar canvas with the window shared by the content canvases, and it will display. The location at which the toolbar displays can be controlled by the type of toolbar canvas used. A vertical toolbar canvas is used to display the toolbar along the left or right edge of the window.

You should not use a tab canvas because a tab canvas is not used to display buttons and GUI elements. A tab canvas displays as a set of tabbed pages.

You should not use a stacked…



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