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Laughter, it’s been said, is the best medicine. With no disrespect to penicillin and Tylenol, I believe the concept is true. Sometimes, when a situation is bleak enough, a good belly laugh makes it all feel less intense.

In that vein, IT is a riot these days, a chuckle, a chortle, a night at the Comedy Store. It’s like a Three Stooges film festival fueled by just a touch of inebriation.

OK, maybe things aren’t that bleak. It’s a beleaguered industry that still hasn’t fully rebounded from a crushing recession, now faced with the growing ease and availability of international competition. No one laughs in the face of unemployment, and I wouldn’t be the first to start.

However, a while back, I received a letter from a reader who said his job had been “nearshored” into Mexico. I instantly commiserated with the jobless IT expert. But mostly, I also found the word “nearshored” funny, in an eyes-rolling kind of way. It’s like the bald guy who’s “follicly challenged.”

Let’s not debate what benefits outsourcing might provide in terms of flexible workforces and remote locales, both domestically and abroad. Instead, I want to take a serious subject and poke a bit of fun. What if outsourcing spawns more niche markets and catchy names? Like these:



  • Poutsourcing – Sullen teen-age girls with domineering mothers and broadband access.
  • Cloutsourcing – Popular in D.C., indicted lobbyists talk of glory days and GUIs.
  • Spoutsourcing – Whales who do WANs. On the next Jerry Springer.
  • Sproutsourcing – The world’s youngest certified professionals, taking naps and mapping networks.
  • Hotsourcing – Extremely sexy IT experts.
  • Notsourcing – It’s so liberating to accept that nothing will ever get done.
  • Jocksourcing – How many credits does a college athlete get for changing a light-emitting diode?
  • Stocksourcing – Wall Street rejects do IT. Think OLE meets OPM (other people’s money).
  • Painsourcing – We’ll tighten network security until it hurts … and then make you beg for more.
  • Plainsourcing – No-frills service, adequately performed, fairly priced. Nope, this one would never work.


I hope I brought at least a faint smile to those who might have difficult careers right now. If you want to share some of your own lame jokes, the CertMag discussion forums (www.certmag.com/forums) are a good place to start.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director

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