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<p><strong>Atlanta &mdash; June 5&nbsp;</strong><br />At the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) 2007 International Conference &amp; Exposition, SumTotal Systems Inc. unveiled ToolBook Instructor 9.0, which is the software maker&#39;s newest product for developing online assessments, software simulations, scenario-based training and e-learning content.<br /><br />ToolBook Instructor 9 now joins SumTotal&#39;s lineup of content-authoring products, which include ToolBook Assistant, ToolBook Translation System and TotalLCMS. </p><p>ToolBook Instructor 9 is software that businesses of all sizes can tap to reduce the complexity of creating interactive courses, content and simulations designed to<br />develop a workforce&#39;s skills.<br /><br />&quot;ToolBook Instructor 9 is a landmark release in the product&#39;s history,&quot; Don Fowler, SumTotal Systems CEO, said. &quot;This release demonstrates SumTotal&#39;s commitment to the content development-authoring market. We believe ToolBook Instructor 9 gives authors a way to easily develop and deploy effective e-learning content for their<br />talent management initiatives.&quot;<br /><br />The new ToolBook Instructor 9 features a collection of<br />&quot;SmartPages&quot; and &quot;SmartStyles,&quot; which make it even easier for subject-matter experts and experienced content developers to build content that looks crisp and compelling out of the box. </p><p>SmartStyles offer developers the flexibility to quickly change the entire look and feel of a course with the click of a mouse.<br /><br />ToolBook Instructor 9 also includes more than a dozen SmartPages, providing developers a large set of interactive page types. </p><p>With the new &quot;Book Explorer,&quot; authors will see a high-level view of their course, allowing them to pinpoint and edit elements in an assessment or simulation. Developers can trim hours off the creation and editing of training content with these new features.<br /><br />&quot;ToolBook is one of the pioneers of Web-based learning, and it continues to push the envelope of what&#39;s possible beyond boring, page-turning content,&quot; said Bryan Chapman, chief learning strategist for Chapman Alliance, a consultancy focusing on learning technology and research. &quot;Early versions of ToolBook gave us widgets to support rapid development, but the addition of SmartPages, in ToolBook Instructor 9, takes interactivity and speed of development to a whole new level. </p><p>&quot;Novice developers will find it easier than ever to create<br />engaging content that can be launched and tracked over a variety of learning management systems.&quot;<br /><br />Along with speeding up the development of training content, ToolBook Instructor 9 is smarter than earlier versions. New features in ToolBook Instructor 9 offer, for example, a way to easily create a question bank for secure assessments.<br /><br />&quot;With ToolBook Instructor 9, content developers will be able to author courses and simulations faster, but they&#39;ll also be able to stand back and see their work at a high level to assess the quality of the messages, questions and interactive content from a learner&#39;s perspective,&quot; said Brad Crain, SumTotal vice president and general<br />manager of ToolBook.<br /><br />In this latest release, SumTotal provides customers with a 32-bit ToolBook Instructor 9 designed for Microsoft Vista and other popular Windows operating systems.<br /><br />&quot;We are committed to supporting our customers on the latest operating systems,&quot; said Sanjay Dholakia, SumTotal senior vice president for corporate and business development. &quot;Providing what we feel is the best content-authoring solution for Vista is part of that<br />commitment.&quot;</p>

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