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WildPackets to Offer Wireless Certification Training
WildPackets Inc., a provider of LAN and wireless LAN packet analysis
software development, training and support, has formed a partnership
between its WildPackets Academy, the professional training arm of the
company, and Planet3 Wireless Inc., which offers the Certified Wireless
Network Professional (CWNP) certification and training program.



WildPackets’ AiroPeek, an 802.11 wireless LAN packet analyzer, is a key
instructional tool in Planet3 Wireless’ courseware, so the partnership
makes sense. In addition, WildPackets Academy is co-developing an
advanced 802.11 wireless network analysis and troubleshooting course
with Planet3 Wireless. This new course will be offered as part of the
Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE) certification.



According to Joseph Bardwell, vice president of professional services
at WildPackets, 802.11 wireless networks are increasingly being
deployed for more critical applications. “The CWNP curriculum and the
new CWNE course stand out as the only structured educational program in
which theory, design, installation, security and troubleshooting of
these new, sophisticated wireless technologies is taught.”



WildPackets Academy will be a Certified Wireless Education Center
(CWEC) and will offer instructor-led CWNP training. There are four
levels of CWNP certification:



* Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
* Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)
* Certified Wireless Network Integrator (CWNI)
* Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE)



WildPackets Academy will be offering CWNA training starting in the
first quarter of 2003. The CWSP exam and training will also be
available sometime in the first quarter and will include hands-on
training in the OSI Model Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies for wireless
LAN security. CWNI and CWNE courses will be introduced later in 2003. 



For more information on the CWNP program, go to http://www.cwne.com.
For more information on WildPackets wireless course offerings, go to



Get Something for Nothing from MIT


Everyone wants to get something for nothing, right? Have you ever
wanted advice on what to study but didn’t know where to look? What if I
told you that you could learn from the brilliant minds of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)—for free?



In April 2002, MIT President Charles M. Vest announced that MIT will be
making the materials for almost all of its courses available for free
on the Internet. The program is known as the MIT OpenCourseWare
project. This will be a fairly drawn-out process—MIT plans to get the
information online over the next 10 years. The first examples of free
course materials are available online now.



MIT has a history as a leader in educational innovation. In the 1960s,
MIT engineering faculty members revised their curricula and textbooks
to include more modern tools of science, mathematics and computing. MIT
OpenCourseWare continues this tradition, allowing the rapid
distribution of new knowledge.



The project will provide the core teaching materials that are used in
MIT classes. Depending on the class and the style in which it is
taught, this can include anything from lecture notes and course
outlines to reading lists and actual assignments. MIT will encourage
more technically sophisticated content. 



So, while you can’t get a full MIT education online, you can at least
find out what lies behind their renowned classes. One of the benefits
of the OpenCourseWare project that MIT sees is that individuals will be
able to use the materials for self-study or supplementary use.



So, if you’re not getting enough out of that book on software
engineering, you can tool on over to MIT’s site and check out course
#6.170, Laboratory in Software Engineering. It’s the only IT-specific
course I could find on the site so far, and it includes lecture notes
in PDF format, assignments in HTML format and past exams. It also
includes online resources, including help guides and software tools.  



Keep your eye on the site, at http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html to see more
courses as they become available.



Dice Promotes Diversity Hiring


Dice Inc., a provider of online recruiting services for technology
professionals, is expanding its reach into more diverse and varied
technical audiences. Dice will work with various Web sites to do a
better job of reaching female and minority technology workers. Dice is
also trying to expand its reach into more diverse technical
specialties, including engineering, biotechnology and health care.



The DiceDiversity program will help Dice’s customers reach potential
job candidates by cross-posting open positions to various diversity Web
sites. Dice’s clients will be able to cross-post their jobs to the
following sites:



*The Black World Today Careers (http://www.tbwt.com): The Black
World Today is a Web site designed for African-Americans
worldwide. While not a technology-specific site, TBWT provides
informational and entertainment services, as well as a career
site. In addition, the site provides directories of businesses
and nonprofit organizations owned and operated by African


* Women in Technology International (http://www.witi.org): WITI is <
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