Wilson Learning Research Shows Impact of Negotiation Skills on Sales Performance

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Edina, Minn. — April 15
Wilson Learning Corp., a global provider of human performance improvement solutions, announced the release of its latest research report, “Enhancing Sales Performance Through Negotiation Skills.” The report, based on a primary research study conducted with 120 salespeople from a large U.S. environmental services company, provides support to the significance of principled negotiation in retaining profit for salespeople.

In addition, the paper further validates that success in development and behavior change is tied to a performance improvement approach, versus training alone.

“Today, it’s a given that salespeople need to embrace negotiation in order to be effective,” said David Yesford, vice president of solution management at Wilson Learning Worldwide. “However, there are few studies that can actually demonstrate the impact of negotiation skills on sales performance and business results. Fifty-three percent of the total revenue value attributed to sales negotiation is extremely compelling!”

Participants were developed using Wilson Learning’s Negotiating to Yes: Increasing Profit, Strengthening Relationships (NTY). Through surveys and interviews, Wilson Learning researchers explored the impact on overall negotiation skills of the organization’s 120 salespeople, along with the impact on work performance and productivity, and the financial impact to the organization.

“Our findings provided strong evidence for the value of the NTY performance improvement solution in improving the salespeople’s negotiation skills and the company’s overall business results,” said Michael Leimbach, Ph.D., vice president of research and design at Wilson Learning Worldwide. “We believe that companies with a similar need to make salespeople part of their sustainable competitive advantage can greatly benefit from an NTY implementation as part of a broader performance improvement process as well.”

More specifically, the study showed that a sales performance improvement process centered on NTY resulted in better negotiation outcomes, increased sales revenue and profit, improved client relationships for future business opportunities and better internal staff interactions.

The detailed report, “Enhancing Sales Performance Through Negotiation Skills,” can be downloaded in its entirety at www.wilsonlearning.com through the Research link. 

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