Will Cyberspace Capture More Than Your Heart This Valentine’s Day?

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Oakbrook Terrace, Ill. and Zurich, Switzerland — Feb. 12
With Valentine’s Day looming and people increasingly using online match-making or social networking sites to find their perfect partner, Vasco Data Security International Inc., a software security company specializing in authentication products, is advising the amorous not to rely on static passwords alone to protect their identities when accessing a site, and to be careful about how much information they divulge about themselves to strangers online.

While many people visiting match-making and social networking sites are legitimately seeking a soul mate, more unscrupulous site visitors could be more interested in capturing the static passwords and identity of an online dater.

With people leading ever busier lives, matching-making and social networking sites provide a convenient way to make new friends and partners. In a seemingly safe environment, site members often share sensitive personal data about themselves, along with images and photographs. Member’s access to these sites is often regulated by static passwords, but these are vulnerable to pharming or phishing attacks, making it easy to steal password information from an individual, thus enabling them to pose illegitimately as the member either online or offline, and often for nefarious purposes.

To mitigate these attacks, Vasco advises the use of secure and trusted systems such as Vasco’s Digipass authentication to prevent fraudsters from accessing personal details. Vasco’s Digipass for Web is a software-based strong authentication solution. Ideal for replacing static password-based security with a higher security level, it presents a secure solution for users wishing to log on to social networking site, or for conducting banking transactions via the Internet, accessing online newspapers they subscribe to or to carrying out small purchases or transactions online. The level of security offered by Digipass for Web far exceeds the security level provided by static password systems, and it is extremely easy to use.

Jan Valcke, president and COO at Vasco Data Security, said: “Valentine’s Day serves as a timely reminder about the need to be extra cautious when logging onto Web sites and sharing personal data online. This caution should be exercised not just on specific calendar dates, but all year round, as the problem of online identity theft is obviously not restricted to specific celebrations. Vasco’s Digipass for Web exists to protect people whenever they are online.”

Vasco Data Security provides a wide range of solutions to secure online transactions. Whether it is for executing online bill payments with a bank or doing business online, Vasco provides tailored solutions to protect financial transactions online. For retail online, Digipass for Web provides a suitable answer to protect online shoppers from fraudulent intensions such as phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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