WildPackets Releases Online VoIP Course

Software development company WildPackets announced the launch of a new Web-based course around Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology: WP-102 Voice over IP (VoIP) Fundamentals with OmniPeek Voice and EtherPeek VX. The class, which lasts about two days, will include lecture and lab elements.

“Regarding the content, this course is not product-specific,” said Andy Northrop, director of professional services at WildPackets, who heads up the team responsible for the company’s technical training. “We will use WildPackets products to demonstrate the course content, but it’s meant as a broader course for VoIP in general. We talk about the standards. It’s still an emerging technology, and there are different standards, codecs and uses. We also talk a lot about quality of service, another area that I think is not completely understood. Then the last part of the class—the part that really demonstrates WildPackets’ strengths and our history of doing this—is troubleshooting and the tips and tricks of maintaining voice networks and networks in general.”

Northrop said the target audience for the course are networking professionals who are considering putting in VoIP, are in the middle of implementing it or are maintaining it. “Students should be able to go from introductory to intermediate (levels of expertise),” he said. “We don’t expect you to know much about VoIP, but we do expect you to know something about networks. We’ve been doing training regarding networks—wired, wireless, wide-area, you name it—for years. This is another use of the network, and certainly a very important…



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