WildPackets Offers Free Networking Webinar Series

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As the networking sector moves forward at breakneck speed, professionals in this field should take advantage of every training and development opportunity that comes their way, especially when it’s free. Network management software company WildPackets is offering just such an opportunity with a new series of webinars on the fundamentals of the industry and some of the emerging key issues.


“We just kicked it off last week, and it’s going to run indefinitely. We’ve got a schedule up for the next two months on five different topics,” said John Bennett, vice president of marketing for WildPackets. The company’s series—titled “Making Networks Smarter”—began with a webinar of the same name. It covers basic networking issues such as troubleshooting. “That’s sort of an overview of the other topics we’re presenting,” Bennett said.


Other webinars include Application Analysis: Meeting User-and CIO-Expectations, Deploying and Maintaining VoIP, Forensic Analysis for Networks and Total Wi-Fi Analysis: Everything You Need to Troubleshoot WLANs. The target audience for these sessions ranges from network admins to security managers to compliance officers. “They’re designed to be stand-alone, but it wouldn’t surprise me if people attended more than one,” Bennett said. “When I’ve put together seminar series like this in the past, that’s what I find. I think a lot of people are looking for information—free, good information—and Web seminars are a really convenient way of getting that information.”


The topics of these webinars, which are based on case studies involving real customers and real data, are designed to relate to the issues that networking professionals face today and will likely have to deal with in the future, Bennett explained. “We see several things going on in organizations’ networks right now. First of all, we’re seeing smaller businesses deploying more complex networks. Everything’s going online and the sophistication of small businesses is increasing. Whereas five or 10 years ago it might have been a small network of PCs, now we’re seeing people deploy complex networks, which means that they need troubleshooting tools.


“Another big trend we see going on is VoIP—no big surprise there,” he added. “VoIP is going everywhere, including small and medium-sized businesses. There’s one estimate by an analyst firm that says in the U.S. alone, 110,000 small to medium-sized businesses will deploy VoIP this year. Gartner expects that by 2007, 97 percent of all businesses’ telephone equipment purchases will be VoIP. There’s this huge deployment going on, and that’s changing the mix of what’s on the network. People need a way to analyze their VoIP traffic as well as their network traffic overall.”


For more information, see http://www.wildpackets.com/smarter.

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