Why 2009 Could Be a Year of Security Opportunity

The tanking economy makes it a scary time to be on the frontlines of computer security. But the alternative — no company, no job — clearly is worse. So if you’re peering into your 2009 crystal ball and wondering how on earth you’ll keep the bad guys out in the middle of a financial meltdown, I hope you’ll keep the following core truths of IT security in mind:

  1. Your security budget has never been more crucial. Recession-era strategies often involve cutting back, hunkering down and waiting out the storm. In the security space, however, strategies like that will lead to disaster. While you think you can spend less on security in the coming year, you do so at your peril. Like trying to squeeze more miles out of tires that should have been replaced months ago, any nips and tucks to the security budget will return false savings at best, and set the stage for disaster at worst. Match any possible savings against what it’ll cost you and your company in the event of a data breach or loss. You’ll quickly realize the risk is incalculable.
  2. The risk landscape is getting riskier. You’re not the only one dealing with tough times. Criminals have it rough, too, and as a result, they’re getting ever craftier. The coming year will see evolving forms of malware, drive-by attacks, complex phishing scams and greater use of mobile and Web 2.0 tools. You won’t be able to beat them by memorizing last year’s…



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