Where Have All the Help Desks Gone?

One of the classic IT jobs in the United States may be slowly disappearing.

According to a May 2007 report by Datamonitor, “There will be considerable investment in contact center outsourcing across Western countries over the coming five months.”

The report — titled “The Future of Vertical Investment in Contact Center Outsourcing” — also states that new industries, including health care and tourism, are starting to outsource their help-desk functions to other countries.

The changing economy will lead industries to seek ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. Companies can save money and provide their workers with top-notch, level-1 IT support by offshoring their help-desk functions. Many companies are going for it.

Accounting and consulting firm BDO Seidman LLP recently conducted a telephone survey of 100 chief financial officers at U.S. technology companies with annual revenues of $100 million to $15 billion. Forty-nine percent of respondents stated that they do some type of outsourcing of manufacturing or services outside the U.S.

Another 2008 study by Forrester Research — “Outsourcing Fever Reaches Legal Departments” — concluded that between 2003 and 2015, 79,000 legal jobs would be outsourced to other countries. Companies specializing in outsourcing are cropping up in many different industries, so the trend is becoming increasingly popular on many fronts.

Reasons for Outsourcing
There are several reasons why companies outsource jobs overseas. The first and foremost is cost savings. Labor in other countries costs much less than in the U.S. Rising costs of salaries, health care and insurance…



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