When It Comes to IT, Vieo Gets Down to Business

The job market — always competitive — now is bordering on cutthroat, as novice and experienced IT professionals alike vie for coveted spots on corporate tech teams.

But thankfully, there’s a silver lining. The growing need for companies to streamline processes and leverage their existing inventories could spell an influx in consulting work, which is good news for Vieo Consulting Group, a small start-up consultancy that caters to businesses in the health care and manufacturing industries.

For example, the company, which is focused on the Midwest region, is working on projects involving business continuity within an IT environment, as well as disaster-recovery planning, said Norman Alesi, president of Vieo. For this reason, Vieo looks to hire seasoned IT professionals with a solid business background.

“We need people with a full breadth of experience with data-center infrastructure: the network infrastructure, the server infrastructure, the databases, security, software practices, etc.,” Alesi said. “As a small community here at Vieo, we’re hiring mostly people who have many of these qualifications coming in. [But] I anticipate as we’re growing, we will definitely have a need to bring in people that we’ll have to train more so than we do today.”

The company’s organizational hierarchy consists of consultants, senior consultants, project managers and practice managers who “have actually a business focus with an IT background,” Alesi said.

What constitutes a good IT background? A degree is a must, and a smattering of both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications is desirable.

“The foundation is the…



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