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Olympic Mania

Forget about the World Series or Super Bowl frenzy. Billions of people around the world watched and cheered as international athletes with the widest range of abilities converged in Beijing and competed for top sporting accolades at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

The conclusion of the Olympics doesn’t necessarily signal the end of Olympic mania, however. Fans can get a daily dose of “Beijing 2008” in game form on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

According to published reports, Sega has released the official video game of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, complete with an array of virtual events including aquatics, archery, cycling, soccer, judo, triathlon, wrestling, sailing and field hockey.

Though the game is similar to traditional sporting events in that it requires players to exhibit skill and mastery (in this case in maneuvering the controller) to win the gold, Sega has introduced a few digital-only features. For instance, the virtual platform diving event will require the player to properly control two points, representing the diver’s head and feet, so the diver remains in sync.

So go ahead and get your game on.

Mind Games

Anyone with a Facebook account has probably played, been invited to play or at least watched their friends play Scrabulous, the unauthorized online version of the popular board game, Scrabble. Until recently, users simply added the link to their Facebook profiles, and could swap words with online friends anywhere in the world.

However, with nearly half a million daily users all playing for…



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