What Separates the Good From the Great?

When the economy is booming, the difference between a good and great trainer may be inconsequential, but during a recession, that edge may be what gets you the job.

“Let me share a real-life example,” said Dux Raymond Sy, who does management and technology training for Learning Tree International and is managing partner at Innovative-e. “I have a good reputation around people I’ve interacted with, so [they say], ‘OK, we have tighter budgets now [and] we can’t get more training in place, but if we do get training, let’s get Dux. Insteadof gambling our budget on what’s not proven, let’s go with somebody who’s proven.’

“That’s where the great trainers can set themselves apart,” he continued. “Yes, the budget is cut, but [training] will still happen. If you’re great, I don’t think you have to worry about getting enough work.”

So what makes a great trainer? Sy believes they’re the ones who can connect the concepts, techniques and processes to their trainees’ jobs.

“That’s what I always tell my audiences: [If] you walk away and you can’t figure out how it relates to your world, your work [or] your environment, then I didn’t do my job,” he said. “[Being great] is being able to have the person learning from you put [that concept] to use right away.”

Further, when you’re training a group of IT professionals who are from different companies or who have different roles or needs, make sure to use…



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