What Does the Future of IT Hiring Look Like?

After 18 dismal, dark months, there are glimmers of encouragement in the IT hiring environment. These aren’t big, wholesale changes in what has been a year and a half of turmoil and bad news. Rather, they are small indicators that employers may believe the worst is over and are looking for a return to business as usual this year, according to the views captured in the latest hiring survey from tech job search site Dice.

The survey, which saw responses from 850 HR professionals and recruiters who focus primarily on technology professionals, shows a clear, though not overwhelming, change in hiring attitudes and trends, especially in comparison with surveys conducted six months and a year ago.

Examining predictions about layoffs is one gauge of optimism. Only 30 percent of respondents think that layoffs at their companies are likely in the next six months. While that’s still too many, it’s a sizable drop from a year ago. Back then, nearly half of the respondents were expecting layoffs — and, indeed, half the companies have reported layoffs in the past 12 months.

Another way to look at expectations about layoffs is to consider how many people don’t think job cuts are coming. Some 55 percent of respondents said layoffs are unlikely in the next six months. That percentage has improved as well, from 37 percent a year ago.

So if companies aren’t laying off, are they hiring? In the survey, 45 percent of companies expect hiring in the first six…



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