What Are Some Top Tech Trends and Skills of the Future?

Cisco has released the results of a survey of its Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) holders, the highest level of professional certification offered by Cisco. The survey results speak to what skills CCIEs will be prioritizing in the next five years, as well as their views on green computing initiatives.

Cisco partnered with research firm Illuminas to conduct the survey, which saw response from 970 CCIE certificants from nearly 80 countries. Survey respondents work for employers ranging from Fortune 500 to small and midsized companies across a variety of industry verticals.

According to Fred Weiller, director of talent development marketing at Cisco, asking respondents to rank the top technology trends and skills of the next five years resulted in both predictable and surprising results.

“When we asked CCIEs what are the technologies and the technology trends of the future, they pretty much came up with virtualization [and] unique communications including video and cloud communication,” Weiller said. “But then, when we asked them what will be the in-demand skills, which is different from the technologies themselves, what came up No. 1 was security and risk management. That was a surprise because security and risk management doesn’t get as much big headlines. It’s not the hottest topic like video or virtualization.”

Weiller said this makes sense when one considers how closely CCIEs work with networks.

“It’s understandable when you understand networks,” he said. “They didn’t go for the buzzwords, if you will. They really went for what actual professionals need to…



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