West Monroe Partners: Looking for Versatility

At West Monroe Partners, boredom is not part of an IT consultant’s job description. That’s because no two days are the same. On Monday morning you could be tackling a system migration, and by Tuesday afternoon you’re dabbling in application architecture. Because of this ever-changing tapestry of tasks, the consulting firm seeks individuals who crave variety and are fast learners.

“One of the reasons people choose consulting as their career path or choose to transition into [it] is [because] consulting offers a variety of experiences — there is no one typical day,” said recruitment manager Julie Meyer. “We look for individuals who can adapt because you might find yourself in an engagement with a client where you need to learn something quickly to deliver our solution. We need people who like to work in that type of environment [and] thrive [in it].”

While every consultant at West Monroe Partners handles some form of technology, the firm has a dedicated technology solutions team with about 60 consultants covering strategy services, infrastructure services, security, performance optimization, business intelligence, applications and integration.

The technology solutions group is split into two teams. One is focused on infrastructure services and has employees with experience in operating systems, Microsoft AD (Active Directory) and Exchange, Unix storage backup or disaster recovery systems. The other team is focused on integration services and has employees with backgrounds in .NET, J2EE, MS SQL, Oracle and full-system architecture.

To find the best professionals for its IT environment, the firm…



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