Websoft and ARGO Form Partnership

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Websoft Systems Inc. and ARGO Data Resource Corp. have entered into a partnership to offer learning and knowledge management solutions to the retail financial services industry.


Richard Rodriguez of the Knowledge Solutions Group at Websoft said the partnership’s main goal is to bring Websoft’s KnowledgeBridge platform to ARGO’s customer base, which includes major, regional and community banks, as well as credit aggregators, originators and processors.


“Their existing customer base is strong in the midmarket banking sector and other retail financial space, so we’d like to open that door of opportunity and share our platform to ARGO as a reseller to those specific customers because they’ve had a long-standing relationship with ARGO,” Rodriguez said.


KnowledgeBridge allows users to learn, share and track information using a blended learning approach. ARGO’s expertise in the midmarket banking sector will now be added to this platform.


“What we’re going to do is add functionality within our KnowledgeBridge platform that has ARGO specific features and capabilities,” Rodriguez said, pointing out that ARGO has developed an extensive collection of training experiences for the retail financial space. “They have an entire catalog of courses for tellers, anywhere from teller basics all the way up the chain to very advance teller concepts.”


All of this will now be fully integrated into Websoft’s course catalog.


“So you can go in there, click on the tab devoted to the ARGO courseware, then select specific skills, and you can apply those to a specific job role or management level within an organization,” Rodriguez said. “Then within the visual performance matrix, from a learner perspective, the end-user logs on and sees visual indicators that show the ARGO courses and how they improve performance.”


Websoft thinks IT professionals in the retail and financial services space have a long-standing relationship with ARGO because the company has been in business since 1982 and has a large financial services customer base.


“We believe that IT professionals have a well-rounded view of what ARGO is all about as far as security is concerned,” Rodriguez said. “IT professionals will validate the KnowledgeBridge platform because of its integration with ARGO’s courseware.”

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