WebReplay Automates Web Surfing, Testing, Data Extraction

IEWatch Software LLC has released WebReplay 2.0, a plug-in for the Internet Explorer browser that allows automated Web surfing, form filling, Web site testing and Web data extraction. Designed for Web developers, site administrators, quality assurance engineers and basically anybody who wants to automate tasks performed in the Web browser, WebReplay makes automating your browser a walk in the park.

When recording your actions, WebReplay creates controls similar to a GUI object map. This allows WebReplay to automatically adapt to changes so you don't have to modify the script if the web page layout changes.

WebReplay's unique features make it highly useful to an entire spectrum of web professionals:

  • Power Surfers can automate repetitive tasks on their frequently visited Web sites, or extract Web page text from any Internet site.
  • Web Developers can quickly run regression tests on their development Web sites before QA handoff, thus saving an entire QA cycle and valuable resources.
  • Web Analysts can use WebReplay combined with IEWatch to regression test Web sites to make sure all pages are sending the correct Web analytics requests.
  • System Administrators can log and analyze the page load times of entire Web sites and quickly identify Web page outages.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers can use WebReplay to automate Web applications and to perform functional and regression testing. The combination of WebReplay with IEWatch allows QA personnel to create highly reproducible tests while collecting HTTP information to track down hard to find bugs.

Many new features have been added to…



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