Web services in Domino applications

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These questions are based on 801: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Application Development Update.


Objective: Web services in Domino applications
Sub-objective: Create a Web service consumer


Single answer, multiple choice


Which of the following types of Web services does Domino Designer 8 support?



  1. Consumer Web services only
  2. Provider Web services only
  3. Consumer and provider Web services
  4. Web services are not supported in Domino Designer 8.


C.  Consumer and provider Web services


In Release 8 of Domino Designer, provider and consumer Web services are supported.


Provider Web services, first supported In Release 7 of Domino Designer, are created using the Web service design element. This type of Web service enables a developer to create a Web service and host it on a Domino server.


Consumer Web services are new with Release 8 of Domino Designer. A consumer Web service is a Web service called by the Notes application and hosted elsewhere. Instead of using a design element, a consumer Web service in Domino Designer is created by enabling a script library to call the Web service. The Web service-enabled script library is then incorporated into an agent, action, etc.


Lotus Domino Designer 8 Help Database Topic: Creating Web service consumers


IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Reviewers Guide (PDF)

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