Web 2.0 Business Skills Development Tool Launches at HRD 2008

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Focusing on communications, teamwork and leadership advice, Digital Training Videos empowers users with key knowledge for professional self-improvement in a fresh, entertaining, accessible and affordable way.<br /> <br />The DTV service has been developed by communications specialist Deliverers, which for the past decade has been designing and delivering bespoke corporate communications solutions and programs to thousands of employees of U.K. and international brands, including AstraZeneca, Schering-Plough, Virgin and HMV.<br /> <br />The service launches at HRD (April 15-18, 2008, London ExCel) on Stand 500 with an initial release of 20 newly produced films under the categories of communication, sales, customer service and teamwork. New content and titles are being uploaded every month.<br /> <br />DTV offers bite-sized videos (between eight to 10 minutes long) and downloadable support material, available with license packages or pay-per-view pricing. DTV users can view and select from an easily navigable topic library, spanning personal and professional development, management, leadership, coaching, communications, customer service, sales, teamwork and sustainability.<br /> <br />Specially designed to meet learning needs across the organizational hierarchy, from strategic senior CEO levels to foundation entry positions, DTV&rsquo;s training and development contents are based on intensive in-depth research, consultation and advice from industry leaders, authors, lecturers and professors at major U.K. universities and business schools. <br /> <br />DTV is intended as an employee performance support system (EPSS) for large organizations and academic institutions to provide just-in-time (JIT), just-enough and just-for-me learning for geographically dispersed learners.<br /> <br />Yet, thanks to its low cost and accessibility, it is equally appropriate for individual self-learners and workers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).<br /> <br />Users can plan, monitor and analyze individual or team learning progress. Time spent on each topic can be recorded to determine the user&rsquo;s learning route and chart future development goals.<br /> <br />Each screening is an end-to-end learning experience with accompanying support material including a learning pack, summary buzz-bite video and a topic quiz to reinforce key learning points. <br /> <br />Managers&rsquo; packs will be available for corporate account team leaders and managers to e-mail video links to their staff, as well as allowing them to download materials for facilitating training workshops based around their video choices.<br /> <br />Head of DTV Sean Walsh sees real value for users in DTV&rsquo;s core strengths of delivering interactivity, innovation and up-to-the-minute business skills learning in a format that is affordable, educational and entertaining. <br /> <br />&ldquo;In a fast-changing marketplace, demand for enhanced professional skills in leadership, communication and decision making is increasing,&rdquo; he said. <br /> <br />&ldquo;We are providing the choice and flexibility to take learning out of the classroom and into the home and workstation with high-quality, relevant content that entertains and educates. <br /> <br />&ldquo;The payback for individual and employer is shared intellectual health and wealth,&rdquo; he added. <br /> <br />Prelaunch response to the DTV concept has been extremely positive. A November 2007 survey of senior learning and development professionals found 59 percent rating soft skills as &ldquo;very important&rdquo; with in-house training, video/DVD and e-learning the most common methods of training. Fifty-two percent of respondents manage budgets of between £50,000 to £250,000; 33 percent of these would allocate up to 30 percent of budget to digital learning solutions.<br /><br />Organized by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), HRD 2008 runs from April 15-18 at London ExCel. <br />

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