Voltage Delivers New Version of E-Mail Encryption

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<p><strong>Palo Alto, Calif. &mdash; Nov. 26</strong><br />Voltage Security Inc., a global provider of information encryption, unveiled the latest version of Voltage SecureMail, with important business in-depth features that support the business needs of large global enterprises and their divisions, groups and call centers. The new version enables organizations to manage hundreds of corporate brands, multiple tenants and all major European languages seamlessly, without incremental cost, using virtualized configurations.<br /><br />The fastest-growing secure e-mail solution, Voltage SecureMail surpasses others in enterprise customer acquisition, deployment size, and &mdash; further still with this release &mdash; enterprise depth. For these reasons, as well as ease of use and a full feature set, Voltage SecureMail is now positioned in the visionary quadrant, ahead of long-standing e-mail encryption vendors, in the newly released Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-Mail Encryption, 2007. And, this new version of Voltage SecureMail extends an organization&rsquo;s ability to communicate through extensive branding with centralized management, enterprise architecture enhancements and support for more than 20 European languages.<br /><br />Based on the breakthrough cryptographic innovation known as Voltage Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), Voltage raises the bar even further with each new release, by combining extreme usability, manageability and scalability with deeper enterprise features, capabilities and benefits. The company enables organizations to effectively manage risk and act responsibly as trusted custodians of information, while dramatically lowering costs and protecting revenues and the integrity of primary and secondary organizational brands.<br /><br />Voltage SecureMail is a horizontal solution that appeals to all vertical business markets. For instance:<br /><br />&bull;    Financial services institutions: One of the largest U.S.-based banks needed to support several hundred brands for one division alone, including support for multiple languages simultaneously. Another large financial reporting organization needed to support hundreds of brands and an average 4.5 million statements delivered per month in just one of its divisions.<br /><br />&bull;    Health care organizations: One of the largest U.S. health care providers needed to comply with HIPAA privacy and security requirements, while efficiently servicing member benefits requests and facilitating references and lab results transmissions, as well as referrals hospital-to-hospital. Voltage SecureMail enables this multidimensional usage from a centrally managed system, across multilingual call centers and from diverse and individually branded business units (including both for-profit and nonprofit organizations).<br /><br />&bull;    Manufacturing organizations: A large manufacturing organization needed to protect supply chain integrity and preserve the secrecy of discount levels, all while responding immediately in an always-connected world.<br /><br />&bull;    Government organizations: Government agencies large and local alike are embracing e-mail communications, but must protect citizens&#39; private information. State department health agencies and county governments utilize Voltage SecureMail to protect confidential communications to citizens and with other agencies, while also catering to the needs of distinct sub-agencies and departments. <br /><br />Chief information security officers, directors, managers and administrators, as well as corporate executives and chief marketing officers, will appreciate the new Voltage SecureMail, which enables virtualized configurations for:<br /><br />&bull;    Improved multibranding and multitenant support, even further leapfrogging competitors by enabling enterprises that share the same infrastructure to serve literally hundreds of brands for diverse groups, divisions and business units, while centralizing policies and management.<br /><br />&bull;    Comprehensive European language support, ensuring unrivaled ease of use and support, and surpassing competitive offerings that largely translate only basic transaction screens and overlook help and error screen pages critical to user experience.<br /><br />&bull;    Enriched multi-datacenter architecture designed for the largest enterprises, as well as small and midsize businesses, allowing them to easily scale based on their needs and eliminating the requirements by competitors to employ expensive and difficult-to-manage back-end SANs and complex operational processes.<br /><br />&bull;    Enhanced brand management, enabling easier collaboration and creation of an improved end-user &ldquo;experience,&rdquo; while eliminating sparse, difficult and frustrating brand creation processes by others, all too often requiring add-on professional services costs, as well. In contrast, Voltage enables organizations to strengthen and reinforce their brands (without complicated customization steps) through e-mail.<br /><br />&bull;    Anti-phishing for the Voltage Zero Download Messenger (ZDM), a unique-to-Voltage feature that is used to thwart the threat of phishing through the use of image recognition, enabling businesses to communicate electronically with customers efficiently and effectively while ensuring legitimate senders and messages are recognized as &ldquo;safe.&rdquo;<br /><br />&bull;    Superior central reporting that adds usage monitoring, aggregate reports and more, further lowering administrative overhead and supporting critical regulatory compliance objectives (i.e., HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and more).<br /><br />&bull;    Additional enhancements, such as HTML formatting to enable rich content for zero download messenger, increased flexibility in user-facing hostnames and numerous refined usability enhancements. <br /><br />&ldquo;Voltage SecureMail raises e-mail encryption to a business level,&rdquo; said Wasim Ahmad, vice president of marketing at Voltage Security. &ldquo;Too often, secure enterprise e-mail product discussions boil down to superficial feature-and-function checklists. Yet, encrypted e-mail is actually core to our customer&rsquo;s business and brand image. The new version of Voltage SecureMail gives our customers a single, secure platform to support their real-world environments, which most often consist of multiple departments, business units and product brands.&rdquo;<br /><br />Voltage SecureMail marks a turning point for the international e-mail encryption market. Many early e-mail encryption programs were complex, technically focused products that didn&rsquo;t scale. In stark contrast, Voltage SecureMail offers next-generation cryptography for &ldquo;encryption that just works.&rdquo; Centralized management capabilities ensure that Voltage SecureMail grows with a business &mdash; as new corporate brands are launched, repositioned, acquired or spun off around the world. Also, a multitenant capability allows multiple departments or even multiple organizations to share the same communications infrastructure and enables swift support for new entities acquired through M&A activities.<br /><br />&ldquo;SecureMail Version 3.1 is easy to use and allows us to represent our organization&rsquo;s different divisions with a unique look and feel that really makes us stand out, all while keeping our correspondence secure,&rdquo; said Thomas Dupont, senior technician at VNA Care Network and Hospice, which supports mobile health workers across all of Massachusetts, as well as more than a dozen staffed locations.<br /><br />The new release offers the powerful capacity to create multiple brand interfaces per tenant, a necessity for large organization that needs to manage communications across dozens &mdash; if not hundreds &mdash; of product and corporate brands. It also offers comprehensive support for European languages, delivering a scalable platform for enterprises that need to quickly extend their brand and communications across international borders, or when supporting multilingual support centers.<br /><br />&ldquo;Security is critical to government organizations&rsquo; stewardship of citizen data, and Voltage enables us to easily and securely communicate with citizens and between agencies,&rdquo; said Jason Parks, information systems analyst, Butte County, which supports secure messaging for the California county. &ldquo;Usability of the system has always been a key benefit of Voltage SecureMail, but the depth of features can&rsquo;t be understated: They help us achieve our mission of providing quality service with dignity, integrity and respect.&rdquo;<br /><br />Voltage SecureMail is also available as a managed service through the Voltage Security Network (VSN), a security-as-a-service (SaaS) offering designed for enterprise business partners to gain on-demand immediate e-mail encryption capability that is fully managed and low cost. </p>

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