Vocational Experience: A Prerequisite at Syrinx

Employers are always looking for qualified job candidates, and interviewers typically scan resumes for relevant certifications, professional accomplishments and universally useful soft skills.

But at Syrinx, a software consulting company with expanding national reach, interviewers are focused on one thing in particular: extensive work experience.

“People who have a broad range of experiences usually work best,” said CEO Andrew Gelina. “Our original and biggest business to date is developing really large-scale Web applications and Windows applications. [So] people who have experience developing large, scalable systems that deal with a ton of data or a ton of users, or both, is really [what] we need because that’s generally what our clients are calling on us for.”

In fact, 40 of the 44 employees at Syrinx are IT professionals who work on the two sides to the businesses: .NET and SharePoint. These professionals range from software developers all the way up to architect-level software developers. A secondary responsibility delegated to several employees is to provide support to the company’s salespeople.

“We will either [pitch] in to do one piece of a project or [undertake] an entire project, which could mean from soup to nuts: doing analysis, design, developing software, testing it, [meeting] with the client, deploying it, maintaining the software after it has been deployed [and] usually doing subsequent follow-on releases with them,” Gelina said.

Needless to say, a recent graduate who lacks significant on-the-job experience is not a candidate of choice at Syrinx.

“Our client needs one or two…

Deanna Hartley


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