Vitruva Dashboard Offers Power Tools, Strict Privacy Controls and Notification Capabilities

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Waltham, Mass. — May 19
Career site Vitruva, Inc. released a next-generation dashboard for high-accuracy job matching. For the first time, job candidates have access to the same power tools that have thus far been offered only to employers.

The current job-matching Web sites that use the same subscription business model as traditional job boards have the same bias toward employers that make job boards unpopular among the majority of job candidates. They sell resumes in bulk, limit job candidates to only one profile, restrict the number of skills that describe candidates' work experience and often compromise candidates’ privacy.

“Job matching is the fastest-growing trend in online recruiting; yet, tools and privacy protection offered to job candidates are stuck in the job-board age,” said Jindrich Liska. “Vitruva's dashboard gives job candidates the first comprehensive solution to efficiently advance their professional careers.”

Dashboard features include:

  • Privacy protection: Vitruva privacy protection for candidates exceeds what other job-matching sites offer. Job candidates can not only grant permission to be contacted by an employer or recruiter but also can remove the permission anytime. All permissions are conveniently handled from a centralized candidate permission table.
  • Instant score updates: Vitruva users can change their preferences “on the fly” and instantly see an updated score and rank for all their job matches without tedious profile editing. This is a refreshing improvement over most job-matching Web sites that require job candidates to undergo time-consuming profile editing for even minor changes in their job-search parameters.
  • Multiple profiles: Vitruva users can have multiple profiles at the same time, similar to having different resumes for different jobs. In each profile, candidates can emphasize different strengths, thereby targeting different types of opportunities.
  • Unlimited skills: Vitruva's advanced artificial intelligence engine allows candidates to fully represent their experiences without restrictions on the number of selected skills. In contrast, less sophisticated-job matching systems force candidates to select a limited number of skills. Those systems inevitably misrepresent those candidates with more experience and richer skill sets, resulting in poor-quality matches.
  • Instant feedback: Job candidates are instantly notified about a job match when its score reaches a preset threshold or when an employer shows interest and requests contact information to initiate the interview process. This real-time feedback ensures job seekers will never miss the next job opportunity.

A live demo of the Vitruva dashboard is available online. 

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