Vitruva Announces First Web Site With Performance-Based Business Model

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<strong>Waltham, Mass. &mdash; April 10</strong><br />Vitruva Inc. announced the launch of the first and only career Web site that offers a performance-based business model. Employers pay only when they receive the best-qualified candidates for a posted job opportunity. This ensures a high degree of success and satisfaction for employers and job candidates.<br /><br />The quality of the match between a candidate and a job opportunity is determined in real-time by a high-accuracy artificial intelligence job matching engine &mdash; unlike traditional job boards and newer job matching sites that lack the matching accuracy to establish true performance-based models. They continue to charge their customers for postings, applicants, resumes, subscriptions and other fees whether or not they actually deliver a highly qualified candidate. Vitruva&rsquo;s patent-pending job matching engine has reached the level of accuracy that ensures a true customer-centric, performance-based model.<br /><br />"Performance-based business models have achieved enormous success since Google introduced them into online advertising," said Jindrich Liska, CEO and founder of Vitruva. "Vitruva is now applying this proven methodology to the job advertising industry."<br /><br />This high accuracy is achieved with Vitruva&rsquo;s intelligent engine, which is profile based rather than keyword based. It performs a multi-dimensional job match between a candidate&rsquo;s professional profile and a job description. The engine takes into account all the important job requirements such as skills, industry experience, management experience and education. Job matches are ranked on a scale from zero to 100 percent. Candidates can also apply a host of personalized filters to target jobs that offer specific benefits such as health insurance coverage, stock compensation, on-site child care or retirement plans.<br /><br />"The accuracy of our job matching engine allows us to introduce a performance-based model to the job advertising industry," Liska added. "Now for the first time, businesses large and small can reap the benefits of instant job matching with great confidence and no financial risk whatsoever."<br /><br />Vitruva is free for all job candidates. Employers and recruiters pay only for the highest-ranking job candidates, ranging from $25 for entry-level candidates to hundreds of dollars for senior executives. <br />

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