Virtual Heroes Develops 3-D Simulations

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<p><strong>Research Triangle Park, N.C. &mdash; July 26</strong><br />Virtual Heroes Inc. (VHI), a provider of advanced learning technologies, has expanded its reach into the health care market with the creation of two instructional 3-D simulations for heart surgery procedures. </p><p>These procedures demonstrated new treatments for atrial fibrillation. The first animation was an open-chest procedure, and the second demonstrated laparoscopic access in a closed-chest setting.</p><p>&quot;We knew that showing the surgery as realistically as possible would be critical to teaching the procedures and much clearer than trying to explain it,&quot; said&nbsp; Dr. Andy Kiser, chief of thoracic surgery at First Health Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, N.C. &quot;In this case, we believed that a picture (or pictures) would be worth millions of words to show exactly how the surgery could be performed.&quot;<br /><br />VHI went to great lengths to ensure the simulation was as realistic as possible &mdash; VHI artists took the time to understand the procedure by attending a &quot;surgery&quot; Kiser performed on a prosthetic heart and chest, and they worked closely with surgeons to understand the appropriate terminology and ensure everything was anatomically and physiologically correct. </p><p>The result is a powerful visual aid with realistic 3-D views of the front and back of the heart as experienced during actual surgical procedures, complemented by a detailed narrative provided by the surgeon.&nbsp; </p><p>Kiser was so pleased with the first project, VHI was contracted to do a second simulation that features a different surgical procedure.<br /><br />&quot;These tools have strengthened our educational seminars, enabling us to more quickly and effectively help people understand the procedures,&quot; Kiser said. &quot;The Virtual Heroes team has thoroughly impressed us with their learning capacity and enthusiasm for what we were trying to accomplish, as well as their overall level of professionalism, technical expertise and artistic talent.&quot;<br /><br />VHI already has gained industry recognition for the development of its HumanSim dual-use medical training product platform for military personnel and civilian first responders. </p><p>HumanSim is a software simulation platform that provides enhanced initial, refresher and sustainment medical education and training. </p><p>It combines the most advanced digital game technology and integrates it with a high-fidelity physiologic-pharmacologic model for unprecedented experiential learning.</p><p>Virtual Heroes plans to build upon the introduction of HumanSim with development of a complete portfolio of realistic, engaging, medically accurate, professionally certified simulators suitable for training civilian and military medical personnel.<br /><br />&quot;These projects were a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities and add to our knowledge base in the health care/medical market,&quot; sai Jerry Heneghan, Virtual Heroes founder and CEO. &quot;It is gratifying to work with people like Dr. Kiser who are dedicated to making a real difference in people&#39;s lives.&quot;<br /><br />In addition to creating advanced learning technology solutions for health care, VHI also creates solutions for federal systems and commercial markets, leveraging sophisticated electronic computer game and graphics technology to address training and education needs. </p><p>The company has been recognized for its significant achievement and competency in the areas of instructional design, digital engineering, project management, modeling and simulation, courseware development and assessment in providing unprecedented immersive training experiences. </p>

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