Veritude’s Free Advice Fairs Offer Expert Information to IT Job Seekers

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Boston — April 28
As the ranks of unemployed IT professionals continue to swell, Veritude, a staffing services provider with a history of corporate social responsibility, is proactively lending a helping hand to these individuals. The company has launched the Veritude Advice Fair Series, which was designed to give IT job seekers unprecedented access to staffing experts on timely topics such as resume creation and recruiter relationship management.

Kay Dougherty, vice president at Veritude, commented, “Many talented IT job candidates have suddenly found themselves unexpectedly unemployed. They’ve been caught up in recent layoffs and, since these deep cuts have inevitably affected high performers, these are candidates who haven’t had to look for employment in a while. Our free Advice Fairs give them an informal, yet highly interactive, means of procuring answers to their hardest questions from the experts at Veritude.”

Data released on April 23 showed the number of U.S. workers filing new claims for jobless benefits rose to 640,000 in the week ending April 18, exceeding economists’ forecast for a reading of 635,000. Hiring Demand Indicators from Wanted Technologies show IT occupations losing ground since March 2008, with database administrators losing as much as 33 percent.

According to WANTED, hiring demand is also down 11-12 percent for high-value IT workers and those responsible for maintaining corporate IT infrastructure such as network and computer systems administrators, network systems and data communications analysts, and computer software engineers – system software.

The Veritude Advice Fair series kicked off in April with its first event on how to “make your resume stand out.” Enthusiastic attendees, who provided their names and e-mail addresses only, had the opportunity to vote on upcoming topics and selected “Maximizing the Value of Your Recruiter Relationship” for the next event, which will be held on May 6 at 3 p.m. ET.

Dougherty concluded, “Veritude is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of IT professionals who are seeking to hone their job-seeking skills during these challenging times. In addition to making it very easy to register for upcoming events, attendees can preload their questions by selecting ‘Ask an Expert’ upon registration. This further ensures that their specific issues are addressed by our team.”

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