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<strong>Boston &mdash; Feb. 14</strong><br />Veritude, a provider of talent acquisition, consulting and management services, announced the release of its latest Workforce Insights thought leadership paper, &ldquo;Optimizing Your Workforce for Flexibility in Changing Markets.&rdquo; The paper was written by Jim McCoy, senior vice president of consulting services for Veritude.<br /> <br />In the paper, McCoy says that in good economies and in times of economic uncertainty, it is incumbent upon senior management and human resource (HR) leaders to be smart about the resources they hire and ensure their organization&rsquo;s workforce is structured for flexibility and maximum productivity. McCoy also offers leaders three key &ldquo;action steps&rdquo; to guide them in determining their workforce ratios and when temp-to-hire scenarios may be a smart strategy.<br /> <br />Achieving a balanced workforce of full-time regular employees, temporaries, student interns, part-time employees and consultants offers a wide variety of choices, each with attributes suited for different circumstances and changing markets. McCoy says, &ldquo;For example, if your organization&rsquo;s volumes regularly ebb and flow, consider maintaining a higher portion of temporaries or contractors, which provides more flexibility. Even if your organization is stable, you might choose to enhance specific components of your operations &mdash; such as in IT &mdash; through temporary staff augmentation or by relying on consultants who bring exceptional knowledge or talents to a project.&rdquo;<br /> <br />McCoy encourages leaders to take the time to evaluate their work requirements, the cyclical needs of their business and their ability to on-board before defining job structures and roles. He states, &ldquo;By ensuring that your company is getting the most out of the talent you bring aboard, you will not only minimize cost and risk, but create an advantage in flexibility as your workforce changes.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Veritude experts regularly publish thoughtful analysis on the latest thinking and next trends in the areas of staffing, workforce consulting, RPO and other HR topics.<br />

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