VCampus Offers Vendor-Neutral Database Design Cert

VCampus Corp. recently announced the newest certification in its Certified Internet Web Professional Program: the CIW v5 Database Design Specialist.

This certification is included in VCampus’ suite of CIW offerings. The organization felt that the creation of this certification was necessary to solve a problem it saw in the industry:

According to Dr. James Stanger, chief certification architect at VCampus, the organization identified improper design of databases as a problem that a certification could address. Stanger noted that when this particular problem of poorly designed databases arises, it has important business implications. “If [databases are] not designed correctly, then you have back-end issues that will slow down Web sites, that will cause serious business problems,” he explained.

The Database Design Specialist is intended for both programmers and administrators, but Stanger noted that one of the most interested populations is designers looking to make their way into the database world.

“We find a lot of people who are beginning in the database world who might be very good designers — CIW is after all a design-oriented cert — realize that they need to move on beyond just pure design,” Stanger said.

CIW’s Design Specialist helps with that. As a vendor-neutral offering, it covers the basics of design theory of databases in general, including “Microsoft, MySQL, IBM, DB2, Oracle — any of those guys,” he said.

More specifically, the cert measures key skills including normalization and proper scaling, as well as database life cycle and…



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