VCampus Announces CIW Database Designer Cert

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VCampus Corp., owner of the CIW exam, recently announced a new certification. The CIW Database Design Specialist will be released in March.


The vendor-neutral certification focuses on comprehensive database design principles and is intended for both programmers and administrators to help solve problems associated with inadequately designed databases.


James Stanger, chief certification architect at VCampus Corp., explained that the creation for the certification came as a result of his persistent run-ins with poorly designed databases.


“We found through our advisory council and customers that most people really need to step back and truly understand how to properly design a database,” Stanger said.


While the exam is new, Stanger said essentially VCampus has refined other existing CIW offerings to create the new certification. With the new exam, they have separated the database design portions of previous exams to form the new Design Specialist Certification and create CIW’s first all-inclusive certification on the topic.


“By the time you come out of the exam, you’ll truly understand how to design a database,” Stanger said. “You’ll be able to understand the security concepts that are important — not just the basics of design, but overall what the industry expects of you.”


The information in the Design Specialist Certification applies to Java, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and other databases to make the candidate as appealing as possible to a prospective employer.


“You are going to be far more employable,” Stanger said, “because instead of just understanding vendor-specific stuff, you’ll be able to sit back and say, ‘I can pretty much read any database, see how it’s put together and approach it with a critical eye.’”

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