Vault Releases Career Guide for IT Pros

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Career information company Vault Inc., which publishes guides, profiles companies and offers job boards, newsletters and message boards for job seekers and career changers, has released the Vault Guide to Technology Careers for professionals interested in entering the IT industry, or for those who want to move horizontally or vertically within the field.


“It’s a guide to sturdy your technology career,” said Marcy Lerner, vice president of content at Vault Inc. She said the 128-page book covered to a varying degree a number of technology-related job roles, such as system analysts, hardware programmers, software programmers and project managers. All of these positions are broken down into four main categories: creators, managers, maintainers and supporters.


“The information in the guide is from different sources,” Lerner said. “Some of it is through research, and some of it is through input from people who work in the technology field. We have several of what we call ‘days in the life,’ which are a great way to get a feeling of what people actually do on the job, what people are doing hour-to-hour on a typical workday.”


In addition to the overview of various positions in the field, Vault examines the tech lifestyle and takes into account features like the irregular schedules, IT culture and stereotypes, and how to move up the corporate ladder. It also includes general tips on how to put together a solid resume and what to expect in a job interview. Even IT professionals who won’t find their particular desired job role in the book will benefit from reading it, because much of the information in the guide is relevant to the IT job market in general, Lerner said.


The Vault Guide to Technology Careers is available for $29.95 on the company’s Web site. The firm also offers the Vault Guide to the Top 25 Technology Consulting Firms, the Vault Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews, and books that cover a wide range of other industries (which may be of use to IT professionals who do not work at a tech firm).


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