VARs Adopting Consolidated Network Security

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; Sept. 27</strong><br />Promisec Inc., a provider of endpoint security management with the industry&#39;s first agentless monitoring and remediation solution that supports layered internal security management, has announced five new channel partners and a heightened level of interest among its U.S. partners to offer increased security for enterprises with Promisec Spectator Professional. </p><p>Promisec brings new levels of simplicity to security designed to defend organizations against the growing threat of internal network threats and help them maintain regulatory compliance.<br /><br />According to International Data Corp., security continues to be a hot practice area for resellers, as worldwide spending on security hardware, software and services is slated to rise as high as $44.8 billion by the end of 2007. <br /><br />Driving the increasing demand for security in the channel is the need to conform to compliance regulations, business continuity demands and the desire of corporations to avoid negative press resulting from internal security breaches. <br /><br />Malware, data loss, phishing and other threats leading to negative press coverage of corporate end-users are causing concerns for many corporate customers. </p><p>Advances in network security are safeguarding the organizations that deploy comprehensive solutions, but that is only part of the equation.<br /><br />To remain competitive in the space, security VARs seek technologically superior products that operate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and promote nondisruptive business operations. <br /><br />VARs that have adopted Promisec as their endpoint security management platform have discovered that a consolidated, agentless approach to internal security is not only more powerful, but much simpler and easier to manage than the patchwork of niche products necessary with alternative agent-based approaches.<br /><br />Joining Promisec&#39;s team of security specialist VARs and integrators are Integralis, GreenPages Technology Solutions, Ciphertechs, Cymbel and Netanium.</p>

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