Vangent’s Work with Bank of America Earns ASTD

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<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; June 5&nbsp;</strong><br />Vangent Inc., a provider of results-oriented talent management solutions, has announced that the New-Hire Teller Orientation program developed in partnership with Bank of America was recognized by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) for Excellence in Practice in two categories: Organizational Learning and Workplace Learning &amp; Development.<br /><br />ASTD&rsquo;s Excellence in Practice program recognizes organizations for results achieved through the use of workplace learning and performance practices and interventions.&nbsp; </p><p>Practices must demonstrate alignment with business objectives, a clear evaluation strategy and evidence of actual or projected results.<br /><br />The New-Hire Teller Orientation program was designed to influence the most critical learning and business metrics based on a needs assessment and performance analysis.&nbsp; </p><p>Targeted improvements included greater standardization and exposure to job-skills training, increased learning efficiencies and marked improvement in quality assurance. </p><p>Following the thorough front-end analysis, Vangent engineered a new blended learning curriculum for this critical customer-facing audience. <br /><br />Results this program has generated thus far include: </p><ul><li>Increase in course completion rates from 10 percent (previous course) to 90 percent (new course).<br /></li><li>33 percent reduction in training time.<br />24 percent decrease in average errors per 1,000 transactions.<br /></li><li>24 percent improvement in average net cash differences (end-of-day balance).</li></ul><p>&ldquo;Meaningful learning outcomes start with a solid grasp of the business issues and consider the learning environment and user requirements,&rdquo; said Mike Callahan, Vangent Inc. vice president of learning solutions. &ldquo;We are pleased to have been Bank of America&rsquo;s partner of choice on this critical initiative and proud that ASTD has recognized Bank of America&rsquo;s accomplishment.&rdquo;</p>

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