Vangent Wins Gold at 2007 Brandon Hall Excellence

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<strong>Chicago &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />Vangent Inc., a provider of results-oriented human capital management solutions, was recognized along with The Boeing Company with a Gold Award in the Best Blended Learning category for a program developed for The Boeing Company. The awards ceremony and reception were held on Sept. 25 in Santa Clara, Calif., as part of the 2007 Innovations in Learning Conference. The Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards, presented annually by Brandon Hall Research &mdash; one of the leading research firms in training and development &mdash; showcase exceptional work in the use of learning technology.<br /><br />The Systems Engineering Leadership Program (SELP) was created to help Boeing foster the consistent use of sound systems engineering practices, establish Boeing as a recognized industry leader in the application of systems engineering principles, and realize a key point of differentiation in pursuit of government and commercial clients. <br /><br />”Systems engineering integrity and its universal application is key to our success at Boeing. The SELP blended learning program addressed our most pertinent business issues while providing a highly engaging and interactive user experience,” said Dr. Kim Armstrong, program manager for The Boeing Company. “Vangent&#39;s ability to effectively impart this abstract content is key to changing the learner mindset from a pure engineering focus to a holistic systems orientation.”<br /><br />The SELP program will cut on-site time requirements for learners from about two weeks to about four days. Additionally, it will enable Boeing to increase the volume of learners trained by three-fold, from 500 to 1,500 on a yearly basis. SELP consists of virtual pre- and post-course discussions, perquisite Web-based training, highly participative classroom sessions, an immersive simulation exercise comprised of online and offline components, Web-based simulation and content assessments, and a 360° survey to assess post-course impact.<br /><br />Commented one Brandon Hall judge, “This entry is very impressive in all aspects &mdash; from the design of the learning to the look and feel of each learning element (the learner/instructor guides, simulations, etc.), all have a professional quality. Congratulations on a thoughtfully designed program that provides an outstanding example of blended learning at its best.”<br /><br />”Vangent is honored to be recognized for excellence in blended learning,” said Mike Callahan, vice president of learning solutions at Vangent Inc. “This acknowledgement is a testament to our commitment to sound instructional design, inspired creativity and effective planning. Perhaps most importantly, this award is a reflection of Vangent&#39;s dedication to meeting the needs of both the learner and the business.”<br />

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