Vangent Introduces Talent Management Solution

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<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; Oct. 3</strong><br />Vangent Inc., a provider of human capital management solutions, has launched its P3 Talent Management application.  </p><p>The new product is designed to help organizations identify and predict high potential and job fit for critical positions; plan for talent placement, development and succession; and perform at the highest levels by aligning the right people with the right responsibilities at the right time.<br /><br />P3 Talent Management provides a fair, fast and objective way to assess talent across the organization.  </p><p>Further, it enables organizations to address business-critical skill gaps by prescribing developmental interventions tailored to individuals&rsquo; needs.  </p><p>&ldquo;Talent management initiatives can be sidetracked because of the perceived need to invest in enterprise software or consulting-intensive efforts, requiring organizations to rethink every job, career path and competency,&rdquo; said David Fabianski, president of Vangent&rsquo;s human capital business. &ldquo;Unfortunately, this has led to stalled or abandoned initiatives, costly implementations and reactive replacement planning instead of proactive talent transition planning.  </p><p>”Some companies don&rsquo;t know where to begin, while others are paralyzed by the belief that the answer lies in buying yet another enterprise HR software application that will take six to 12 months to implement.  It doesn&rsquo;t need to be that complicated.&rdquo;<br /><br />Vangent created P3 Talent Management to help organizations maximize their talent planning preparedness and address their most pressing human capital challenges in real-time.  </p><p>&ldquo;Over the last year, our research has identified what we call the top 22 talent-related processes that have highest business impact,” sai Josh Bersin, president of Bersin & Associates, a research and advisory company specializing in corporate learning and talent management.. “Vangent&rsquo;s new offering supports many of these processes, such as enterprisewide workforce planning, career development and multi-level leadership development.</p><p>&ldquo;By leveraging the company&rsquo;s in-depth assessment technology, Vangent&rsquo;s solution will help organizations more rapidly develop their talent management solutions.&rdquo; <br /><br />P3 Talent Management features the LH-STEP assessment battery, which combines select measures of background, personality, skills, cognitive ability and attitudes to provide a whole person assessment of individuals.  </p><p>The LH-STEP, backed by 40 years of research and more than 90 validation studies, has been found to be more valid than personality tests, more reliable than opinion surveys, more relevant than performance evaluations and more flexible and faster than competency mapping. <br /><br />Through a nine-box promotability matrix, organizations can effectively compare and contrast talent, determine bench strength and facilitate the building of talent pipelines across the enterprise.  </p><p>The development component allows organizations to target skill gaps in critical competency areas and tie to specific developmental recommendations to close these important skill gaps.  </p><p>The underlying technology platform provides for implementation in as little as eight weeks and enables scalability across an enterprise.</p>

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