Vangent Announces Launch of New Solution

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Chicago — Feb. 6
Vangent Inc., a provider of results-oriented human capital and talent management solutions, announced the launch of its latest automated talent acquisition solution. This new offering integrates Vangent’s pre-employment screening and assessment content, with a highly configurable, flexible and comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS).

The Vangent offering automates the hiring workflow process, tracks and manages critical applicant information and facilitates efficient, uniform and compliant hiring practices. Through the Vangent Talent Acquisition Solution, recruiters and hiring managers will have access to accurate and reliable information about the applicant’s job fit, readiness and potential, thereby facilitating better-informed hiring decisions and avoiding the costs and burden associated with bad hires. By ensuring that the best talent is hired and that problem hires are avoided, organizations experience bottom-line impacts from productivity gains, increased employee retention and reduced turnover costs.

“There are dozens of applicant tracking systems on the market today, but check the features and you’ll find that in nearly every instance, the focus is on the automation of the hiring process, with limited to no attention on quality of hire,” said David Fabianski, president of Vangent’s human capital business. “Sure speed and efficiency are important, but we can do so much more for hiring managers by providing a reliable, objective and standardized way to identify applicants with the greatest likelihood for success.”

Vangent’s hiring solutions expertise dates back to 1947 when it defined the integrity-based assessments market category. Today the company owns one of the largest libraries of prevalidated assessment scales in the world, and each year administers more than 3 million applicant events through the Internet, IVR systems and onsite kiosks. Vangent’s talent acquisition solutions have helped clients reduce time to hire by as much as 50 percent, decrease cost to hire by as much as 79 percent and achieve ROI as high as 44 to 1.

“What we are seeing is the recruiting industry come full circle,” added Dr. John Jones, Vangent’s vice president and chief scientist. “It’s no longer enough to automate an existing hiring process, but rather that process must be designed to meet the business’ strategic needs and objectives by consistently providing high quality hires. This solution was designed to help organizations select the best talent by offering a highly efficient technology platform coupled with world-class assessment content.”

The Vangent Talent Acquisition Solution will be showcased at the upcoming 2008 Spring ERE Expo in San Diego on March 31-April 2.

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