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<p><strong>San Mateo, Calif. &mdash; Dec. 19</strong><br />SuccessFactors Inc., a global provider of on-demand performance and talent management solutions, announced that Utica National Insurance Group will leverage SuccessFactors&rsquo; Learning & Development solution and its partnership with GeoLearning Inc., a provider of managed learning services and on-demand performance and learning technology, to maximize the performance of its employees and improve business results. Utica&rsquo;s SuccessFactors solution tightly integrates employee learning and development programs into the company&rsquo;s performance and talent management system.<br /><br />To view a recent Webinar on the Utica success story, visit http://www.successfactors.com/media/webinars/elevating-performance-management/.<br /><br />Utica is among the top 100 insurance companies in the nation and has a strong commitment to quality and customer service, so the company recognizes the correlation between its employees&rsquo; performance and the company&rsquo;s business results. To advance its success and leadership within the insurance industry, Utica has seamlessly integrated its learning and development processes with its entire performance management process. Using SuccessFactors&rsquo; Learning & Development solution, which includes SuccessFactors&rsquo; Career and Development Planning module and tight integration with Utica&rsquo;s learning management system, provided by GeoLearning, Utica is able to provide a clear development path for employees to attain their existing goals and longer-term career objectives, improve the quality of its talent pool, increase engagement and retention, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of its development investments.<br /><br />Utica has integrated its learning management system, GeoLearning&rsquo;s GeoMaestro, into SuccessFactors&rsquo; Learning & Development solution to tie its learning content management, content delivery, and activity and employee progress measurement into its performance and talent management system, and connect learning activities to development goals so that all of these activities can be tracked and measured. This will:<br /><br />&bull;    Enable managers and employees to create focused, dynamic individual development plans based on competency gaps as well as employees&rsquo; specific career aspirations;<br /><br />&bull;    Improve the quality of the company&rsquo;s talent pool by developing competencies to support employees&rsquo; current and future needs;<br /><br />&bull;    Increase engagement and retention by creating appropriate career paths for all employees and giving them a way to interact directly with and work toward their learning goals by allowing them to create new development goals and proactively select learning activities;<br /><br />&bull;    Create a culture of development by clearly communicating goals and progress so employees are more engaged and also understand that their development activities are not going unnoticed.<br /><br />&ldquo;By tying employee development directly to the performance management process, we gain a wealth of knowledge that makes for better decision making and insight into how to better engage employees, understand where the talent gaps and strengths are, and how to bring everyone to the next level,&rdquo; said Cherie Mullen, director of learning, Utica National Insurance Group. &ldquo;SuccessFactors&rsquo; Learning & Development solution, which includes integration with our GeoLearning LMS, gives us the insight to focus on company success through our people.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldquo;By making sure employee learning activities, development plans and goal alignment are firmly rooted in the performance management process, our customers are keeping employees engaged, discovering areas for their growth, increasing the quality of talent and improving overall company performance,&rdquo; said Rob Bernshteyn, vice president of global product marketing and management for SuccessFactors. &ldquo;By elevating and bringing together its performance management and learning and development solutions, Utica will greatly increase employee success and give them the tools to play an active role in their career development.&rdquo;<br /><br />SuccessFactors Learning & Development is part of an organically developed and integrated suite of performance and talent management software, which includes performance management, goal management, recruiting management, succession management, compensation management, employee profile, and analytics and reporting modules. The solution automates the performance review process and creates a companywide network of information related to employee performance, including skill sets, interests, career aspirations, ability to relocate, experience, languages spoken and more. By providing deep, real-time companywide visibility into such critical performance data, companies are able to make better, more informed decisions about how to promote, recruit, compensate, reward and manage their entire employee base. </p>

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