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I have several computer certifications ranging from A+ to MCSE: Security. I also have an MBA with a focus in information security and two university certificates in business management and information security, and I’m about to receive a certificate in strategic leadership from American Management Association. Are there any other certifications in management or leadership? If so, which would you recommend and why?

These are a few points that I picked up — and assume — from your question:

1.    You are very academic.
2.    I'm assuming, from the professional IT certifications that you hold, that you have at least a year of experience in IT (in the support field).
3.    You want to either progress and climb up the career ladder or change jobs.

There’s one thing you don't mention and something that I can't assume: the amount of management and leadership experience under your belt. The MBA is one of the most widely known qualifications in this area; however, while some MBAs may be part vocational and part academic (others are just academic), it doesn't demonstrate the level of work and the minimum length of time you've been doing the job.

This is where the following options come in:

1.    Membership with the Institute of Leadership and Management and the corresponding City & Guilds Senior Awards: Licentiateship diploma (for professional members) and the Graduateship diploma (for fellow members).
2.    Membership with the Chartered Management Institute . They are…

Ken Wagner


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