Upsite to Feature Award-Winning Engineered Sealing Solution at Data Center Conference

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Santa Fe, N.M. — March 3
Upsite Technologies Inc., a developer of award-winning, highly engineered airflow solutions for the data center, showcases its latest award-winning new product at AFCOM’s Data Center World conference, an educational resource for data center professionals, on March 8-12.

At Booth 315, Upsite presents the HotLok Blanking Panel for IT equipment cabinets with its award-winning ergonomic design for reducing energy usage in the data center. Show attendees are invited to install and remove the Blanking Panels in a cabinet and experience their durability and ease-of-use.

The HotLok Blanking Panel took home best new product Gold award in TechTarget’s’s infrastructure category for 2008. One judge wrote, “In this era of combating bypass air and lowering power usage effectiveness, this is nice!” The Blanking Panel is offered with the Upsite Temperature Strip (another best product Gold winner in the data center cooling category for 2007).

Leading the engineering team behind the HotLok Blanking Panel is another award-winner: Ken Brill, founder and CTO of Upsite Technologies, who was recently honored in London with The Datacentre Leaders’ Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Industry Award. He said, “The data center industry needed a universal solution for any rack that didn’t kill your fingers while installing it. It uses positive sealing to prevent hot air recirculation and the Temperature Strip for inexpensively monitoring computer room temperatures. The HotLok product is a simple, elegant, tool-less data center solution that instantly recovers wasted cooling capacity and saves energy dollars.”

With extensive field research and experience, Upsite developed the winning HotLok product to meet all the needs of data center and IT managers installing server cabinets. First on the customer list was an effective seal, and the HotLok panels deliver up to 99.97 percent effectiveness.

Independent studies show that unsealed cabinet openings can create IT equipment air-intake temperatures that exceed the ASHRAE-recommended maximum. HotLok Blanking Panels help deliver cool, conditioned air to the upper one-third of the cabinet, typically the hottest area and most prone to equipment failure.

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