Upsite Technologies Presents Remarkable Cost-Savings Figures at IT Symposium

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Santa Fe, N.M. — April 9
Upsite Technologies Inc., a developer of highly engineered airflow solutions for the data center, will present and exhibit its latest findings on the financial benefits of installing its award-winning HotLok Blanking Panel at the Uptime Institute’s IT Symposium on April 13-16 in New York.

On April 13, at 3:15 p.m., Upsite engineer Lars Strong will explain the economic model and energy savings gained by installing HotLok Blanking Panels in his presentation titled “The Impact of Airflow Circulation in IT Cabinets and Best Practices to Improve Reliability and Reduce Energy Costs.” Strong will also show how a 2-D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis — designed to study the effect of different types of blanking panels on airflow patterns and IT equipment intake-air temperatures within equipment server cabinets — revealed that the most effective seal makes the biggest impact on the circulation of hot exhaust air to the IT equipment intakes.

The HotLok Blanking Panel took home best new product Gold award in TechTarget’s’s infrastructure category for 2008 for its 99.97 percent effective seal of IT cabinets.

Leading the engineering team behind the HotLok Blanking Panel is another award-winner: Ken Brill, founder and CTO of Upsite Technologies, who was recently honored in London with The Datacentre Leaders’ Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Industry Award. He said, “The HotLok product is a simple, elegant, tool-less data-center solution that instantly recovers wasted cooling capacity and saves energy dollars.”

At Booth 215, attendees are invited to take a complimentary copy of the HotLok Blanking Panel financial impact study titled “Achieve Long-Term Operating Cost Savings by Sealing IT Equipment Cabinets” to learn more about how installing HotLok Blanking Panels can help data-center managers recoup operating costs instantly. Attendees are also invited to install and remove the Blanking Panels in a cabinet and experience their durability, ease-of use and award-winning ergonomic design.

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