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Get a Quick Upgrade from NetWare 5 CNE to Master CNE!


If you’re a NetWare 5 Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) and you’ve been
holding off on upgrading your credential to the Master CNE, wait no
more! Until the end of 2002, when the new requirements for Master CNE go
into effect, you can raise your status to Master CNE with less fuss. And
an added bonus—you get another certification in the process, CompTIA’s
IT Project+.



The Master CNE certification qualifies you to offer a high level of
support for the environments in which you work. You’ll know how to
implement Novell’s One ‘Net strategy, and you’ll have the business
skills you need to be a team leader and project manager. According to
Novell, “As a Master CNE, you are the multi-vendor, multi-solution
specialist of the network industry.”



In order to upgrade your NetWare 5 CNE certification to the Master CNE,
you simply need to take three steps. First, you have to upgrade your
NetWare 5 CNE to a NetWare 6 CNE. You do this by taking exam #50-676,
Upgrading to NetWare 6. Then, you need to pass CompTIA’s IT Project+
exam. The IT Project+ certification is a vendor-neutral credential that
validates knowledge of IT project management, including the business
knowledge, interpersonal skills and project management processes you
need to manage IT projects successfully. (See
http://www.comptia.org/certification/ to learn more about this
certification and to find out how to register for an exam.) After
earning your IT Project+ certification, one more step is required to
become a Master CNE, and it’s an easy one. All you have left to do is
sign the Novell Education Certification Agreement and fax your IT
Project+ certificate to Novell Education at (801)861-3900. For more
information on the quick upgrade from NetWare 5 CNE to Master CNE, see



Once the new year passes, the new Master CNE road map will go into
effect. As of Jan. 1, 2003, you’ll have to complete the following steps
to earn the Master CNE certification:




  •  Earn the NetWare 6 CNE credential.
  •  Earn CompTIA’s IT Project+ certification.
  •  Pass the Advanced TCP/IP exam.
  •  Pass the Novell Secure Access exam.
  •  Sign the Novell Education Certification Agreement.  


Test-Taking 101



For some people, taking and passing exams is a dreadful experience, and
they avoid it like the plague. But don’t let your fear of test-taking
stop you from earning the certifications you need to move your career
onward and upward. Here’s a little bit of advice that should help you
conquer your fears and emerge from the testing center a victorious new



First of all, be sure to get enough sleep the night before. Don’t stay
up all night cramming. You need to spread out your study time. Take a
couple of weeks to review the material in detail, catching up on areas
where you’re not as strong. You can take a practice exam to see where
your strong and weak areas are. An added benefit of practice tests is
that many of them give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the
testing environment.



Next, get a good meal in you, but be careful what you eat. One hour
before you go into the testing center is not the time to experiment with
exotic foods. Nor do you want to chow down a big bowl of chili. There
are certain—ahem—gastrointestinal disturbances that may make your test-
taking experience less than rosy. Who needs that kind of distraction?
Try a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. I hear peanuts are brain food!



So you’re well-rested and well-fed. Now what? Take your time—in every
respect. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the
testing center, with time to spare once you get there. And this bit of
advice applies to the test itself as well. Don’t try to rush through;
you might make a stupid mistake. Read the questions carefully, and take
some time to think about it before you answer.



Another bit of advice for the test: Usually your first-impulse answer is
going to be the right one. But don’t answer right away. Simply make note
of that impulse and then consider the other answers, eliminating the
ones you know are wrong.



Try to stay as relaxed as possible (without falling asleep), and you
should make it through your next testing experience just fine!



WorkplaceDiversity.com Says Companies Still Lacking in Diversity Efforts



According to a recent survey by WorkplaceDiversity.com, employees feel
that the companies they work for are not doing everything they can to
maintain the diversity of their staffs. WorkplaceDiversity.com is a job-
search site for experienced, diverse talent that combines leading
technology with diversity and career information from more than 2,500



The survey was answered by WorkplaceDiversity.com visitors during the
month of July 2002. It found that 83.3 percent of respondents believed
that their employers could do more to promote diversity in the
workplace. In addition, respondents reported a disparity between their
own employers and their employers’ customers. More than 70 percent
claimed that their companies don’t reflect the diversity of the
communities they serve.



Of the respondents, 50 percent said that they consider diversity when
deciding whether or not to accept a job offer. And though most of the
respondents believed that their employers could do more to promote
diversity, 44.4 percent still felt that their employers care about
workplace diversity.



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