Updated Modules for Cobent’s Learning Compliance

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<strong>Oxfordshire, England &mdash; Nov. 8</strong><br />Cobent, a provider of solutions for e-learning, training and compliance-led process management across the entire range of international blue-chip companies, fast-growth start-ups, and public sector organizations, has updated two of the modules in its Learning Compliance Suite (LCS), which is designed to make enterprisewide learning easier to manage and control. <br /><br />These two modules cover on-the-job training (OJT) and e-commerce.<br /><br />&ldquo;Even in these technology-laden times, a recent survey by the CIPD showed that some 50 percent of all training is delivered on the job,&rdquo; commented Cobent&rsquo;s CEO, Howard Sears. &ldquo;The updated Cobent OJT module allows the ongoing, automated capture and management of employee competence.<br /><br />&ldquo;As training activities and exercises are assessed, details can be added directly to a user&#39;s training record. Audit trails and multiple signatures ensure the security of the process.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our OJT module allows users to manage any process-related or evidence-based training through the system and access related documents – making it ideal for procedural training. Moreover, the module is now fully integrated with our class-leading electronic signature capability, allowing the training, documentation and signatures to be reported on at any time,&rdquo; he said.<br /><br />Cobent&rsquo;s LCS not only provides a full service internal training solution for organizations, it can also be used &ndash; via its e-commerce module – as a complete public-facing solution for training providers who wish to provide an online sales channel for training content and activities. This enhanced module includes a full online store and e-commerce suite, to enable customers to provide credit card or account-based access to training materials and related products and services.<br /><br />Among the features of the updated e-commerce module are the abilities to:<br /><br />&bull;    Sell value-adding items to increase revenues and enhance customer training support.<br /><br />&bull;    Track internal costs, royalty revenues and full transaction cost values.<br /><br />&bull;    Provide high- and low-level reporting across all sales activities.<br /><br />&bull;    Provide flexible discounting mechanisms across all sales or to support targeted marketing activities.<br /><br />Cobent&rsquo;s LCS is a browser-based application that provides fully functional learning, content and training management, offering organizations the necessary tools to create, distribute and track training activities online and offline, quickly and cost-effectively. LCS consists of advanced tools that have been built in line with global compliance standards and in consultation with training managers, compliance managers and other business professionals who deliver and manage training daily.<br /><br />Sears added, &ldquo;Cobent&rsquo;s LCS is a powerful set of modules delivered through one unified interface to give users the tools they need to manage their learning strategy throughout the organization. Cobent LCS allows users to get started with e-learning quickly and easily with its intuitive content authoring tool; provides tools to create and deploy online assessments against any criteria; and creates blended learning programs using its e-learning creation tool in conjunction with classroom management and peer-based training management tools.<br /><br />&ldquo;In addition, the LCS is backed by over 10 years&#39; experience in understanding compliance requirements, and it is the ideal solution for developing and deploying training in regulated industries.&rdquo;<br />

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